Been away for a week

I have been away from my brand new blog for the past week.
Why you may ask??
Well as a Mom of 5 kids, illness and sickness is a given.
We had strep, bad colds and coughs, and a banged up knee, but we are doing better now.
My 2 older boys also started basketball after school.
That means everyday they each have practice or a game that requires them to be picked up at school at taken to another building where one has practice from 4:30-6 and then the other one has practice from 6-8. No family dinners in this house for a while.
Both boys made the teams, but boy is this schedule annoying!
We have been busy cooking, just no time to take pictures and post.
We have made some delicious tofu stirfries, pumpkin butterscotch muffins, and vegan chocolate chip cookies.
We have some great recipes to make and post for Thanksgiving next week.
And, I will have a great giveaway for an amazing new product after Thanksgiving.
Thanks for reading!

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