Kids say the darndest things

My little girl is hilarious. I know I am biased, but seriously, she is so funny.

We were upstairs getting ready for school. The dryer bell went off and I said, “Miss D, can you please quickly take the clothes out of the dryer and put them in the basket for Mommy?” She said,  “Sure Mommy I can do that.”  She then started to take out each item one by one, tell me who it belonged to, smoothed it out, started to fold it, was in no rush at all.
“Honey, we are in a rush, can you hurry please?  Just put all the clothes from the dryer into the basket, we can fold them later.”
 She responded by saying, “I cant hear you princess!!!” I turned around, tried not to laugh, and she continued, wagging her finger at me, “And yes, I am calling YOU princess!!
Later that day, she stopped by her play makeup table and said she needed to do my makeup. Again, not the right time of day, it was time to pickup her brothers from school and we needed to get going

and she looks at me with love in her eyes and said, “I just wanted to make you beautiful Mommy.”
How can you argue with a 2 year old’s logic?
I hope she continues to make me laugh till 120!

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