Mrs Prindable’s Dark Chocolate Covered Apple

Last month I was asked if my family would like to review a Mrs Prindable’s Dark Chocolate Covered Apple, a new holiday flavor.
Of course we would!! Desserts are huge in this house and a yummy chocolate covered apple was sure to be a big hit.
It was a cold Friday night when the doorbell rang. My 6 yr old ran to see who it was. A small package he explained, but it looks like a good one. Everyone quickly gathered around, a chocolate apple had arrived in a cute white box.

The kids could hardly wait to see what would be inside.

We opened up the white box to find a beautiful purple box tied with a gold ribbon. The kids were starting to get delirious, open the box faster Mom!! We want to eat what is inside!

Inside the pretty purple box was a huge apple wrapped in plastic and a pretty red ribbon around the wooden dowel. It looked amazing and fresh and smelled incredible. I put the apple on a cutting board and put my sharp knife in to make the first cut.

I made one small cut and tons of chocolate fell off. These pieces were quickly eaten up by the 5 waiting kids.  After one more slice we had our first piece cut out.  Again, many pieces of chocolate fell off, but the kids did not care, they just wanted to eat it. Each piece seemed to make more chocolate fall off but the chocolate was yummy on or off the apple as the kids explained to me.

Pretty soon everyone had a piece of sweet, yummy, appley, chocolatey, caramelly goodness. Even the pickiest of eaters loved the apple.

After slicing off 5 nice size pieces this is how much we had left. Each of my kids got 2 large pieces. It was a perfect sized apple for our group. My 6 year old joked as he read the accompanying paper, “This apple will last in your refrigerator up to 3 weeks.” Our apple lasted in our house for 20 minutes!!! But I would imagine if you are a smaller group, it might last a little longer, or maybe not!

My 6 year old says it was the best apple he ever had. He loved the combination of the sour apple, the chewy caramel, and the sweet chocolate.

My 12 year old really liked it, he actually ran around collecting all the pieces of chocolate that people were dropping as they ate their apples. He thought a cool idea would be to core the apple and take out the seeds and put some chocolate inside too, or maybe caramel and chocolate inside.  My 2 year old little girl did not like the caramel part, she peeled it off and gave it to me and said it was too sticky for her teeth. She loved the apple and the chocolate pieces the best.

My 9 year old loved it and he is very picky. He does not like much.  He loved the sour apple flavor together with the sweet caramel and chocolate. He did not like how messy he got afterwards though.

Overall this apple was a huge hit. My husband said it would be a great gift to receive at holiday time. He said he would love to open up one of these in his office and surprise everyone.  My 14 yo said it was the best dessert he ever had. Wow, that is high praise. He ate the most apple and he was sad that it was gone so quickly.

My 2 year old little girl woke up this morning and asked for another yummy apple. I pulled out a regular apple from the fridge, and she said, no, I want the yummy apple with the chocolates on it. Sorry baby girl, that is all gone, you will have to wait until someone sends us one again.

My overall thoughts are as follows:
Tons of the chocolate bits fell off with each cut of the knife. But as my teen said, WHO CARES? They are just as good on or off the apple!
The apple was packaged beautifully and I think it would make a great gift.
The apple inside was fresh, juicy, and tart, a great complement to the sweetness of the toppings.
The apple was huge, after sharing with our family of 7 we were all full afterwards, it was plenty of dessert for all of us to share.
I liked that the caramel was not too sticky, which sometimes happens with caramel topping. My teeth are sensitive to that, but I could enjoy this apple fully. It did not get too stuck in my teeth at all.
There you have it, our review. We hope you will consider sending one of these yummy apples to your family and friends this holiday!!

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