December Craziness

Could December get any crazier?? Seriously??
We have had so much craziness going on I have not had much time to cook.
We celebrated Diane’s birthday Monday and then rush rush rush everyday since then.

Today was one of those days where if it could go wrong, it went wrong!
I got a groupon deal for a new local carpet cleaning place. $50 for a regularly $150 cleaning. They promised to clean 5 rooms and a hallway for that price. We set up for them to come between 8 and 10 am. I told them to call my cell phone since I would be at the dentist with 5 kids at 730am and they should let me know exactly what time they would show up. Well of course that did not work. They called my home phone while we were at the dentist and said, well, we will come after you call us back!!!! UGH!
So I called them as soon as we got home at 945 and they said they would be there by 1030.
Can you believe they showed up at 12 noon? OMG
So the guy comes and my friend was sitting at the house waiting since 8am. The guy tells her that our rooms are too big and he would have to charge us for 9 rooms, not for 5. Ok, um, there were no measurements in the deal as listed, and our rooms are not very big!!
So I call the manager of VClean and tell him how unhappy I am so far, the tech was 4 hours late, they called the wrong phone numbers. etc…
So the manager tells me to clean the whole house and get out some stains in 3 rooms, it will be an extra $170, but since he is being nice, it will only be $130.
Plus, he needs me to FAX him my actual credit card so he can charge my card immediately. While I am having this 30 minute conversation with the manager, the tech cannot start any work because they have not charged my card yet!! I go to fax them my credit card(have you ever heard of doing this before?) and I try 4 times and call back. Oh yeah, the fax machine was not on. So the tech was working for the past 4 hours and he is still not done and does not think he can get some of the stains out.
Can today get any longer? I don’t think so!
I will leave you with a great easy and totally not healthy recipe but it is fun for my kids to make themselves in December. Enjoy!!
Peppermint Oreo Truffles
1 pkg (8oz) of Philly cream cheese, softened, I have used 1/2 the fat kind and it came out fine
1 pkg (1lb) Oreo cookies, the peppermint ones are really yummy, or use plain ones too, finely crushed
2 pkg(16 squares) of Ghirardelli semi sweet chocolate, melted
Mix cream cheese and 3 cups of cookie crumbs until well blended. Kids love to smoosh this part with a spoon.
Shape this mixture into 48 small balls, about 1 inch each. Dip each ball into the Ghirardelli chocolate that you have melted. Let cool on waxed paper covered baking sheet. Roll in remaining oreo crumbs or crushed peppermint candies. Refrigerate 1 hour till firm. Store in tightly covered container in the fridge.

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