Crayola Washable Colored Bubbles Review 2

I won and was sent 5 bottles of the new Washable Crayola Colored Bubbles to review from  Each color comes in its own spill resistant bottle. I got one of each color pink, purple, blue, orange and green.  We won these bubbles almost 3 weeks ago but it has been freezing or pouring since the day they arrived. Finally today was beautiful and my two youngest kids could not wait to try them out!!
I got an email a few days after the bubbles arrived reminding me that these bubbles are only to be used outside. Since we always do bubbles outside anyway, I did not think twice about this email, but I now know I should have taken this as a warning.
The bubble blowing started out fine.  We had a bit of trouble blowing the first few bubbles. Big brother was a better blower and little sister was happy watching and popping.

The bubble liquid was very brightly colored and very drippy. The no spill bottle had a small opening, but the liquid easily sloshed out every time you tried to pull out the wand!
As you can kind of see in this picture, the bubble solution itself is very drippy. It dripped all over the kids hands, shoes and clothing while they tried to blow.

The bubbles we blew were definitely brightly colored, so the product does what it says it will do

But, the dirty porch and dirty people is not really worth a few pretty bubbles~

And as we were getting ready to go inside, my little girl said, one more bubble mommy and this is what happened next

10 minutes of colored bubble blowing led to 30 minutes of cleanup and one ruined care bears shirt.
I think we will stick to our boring old clear bubbles from now on. Those have always served us just fine.

We also made a short video showing the bubbles in action
bubbles video

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2 thoughts on “Crayola Washable Colored Bubbles Review

  • Chuck Matsoff

    I'm glad I never messed with the Crayola product. A few years ago someone hooked me up with some of the Zubbles. I've got three little boys and the idea of giving them bubbles with instructions is ridiculous! Zubbles does what it says it does – disappear! Definitely a lot of fun, and worth the extra $ up front than having to worry about pressure cleaning your floors or scrubbing the kids skin off to get the color out.