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I took three of my kids to see Cars 2 this weekend.  We left really early, hoping to be able to get a seat.  But wow, I guess other people had read the reviews, our theater was empty! Literally, a Sunday afternoon show and there were maybe 5% of the […]

Cars 2 Real Parent Review

Having two sweaty teenage boys in the house means they are thirsty all day long.  I really do not like them drinking soda all the time.  Most of us eat very healthy and the teenagers really do not enjoy the healthy foods. Last month I was sent from Mambo Sprouts […]

Zevia is a great refreshing drink!

Nutrition is not nutrition unless your kids eat it!! I know that is very true for my kids.  Some of my kids really enjoy healthy foods, but others do not.  To me it is more important that my kids eat something for breakfast instead of nothing. Did you know that […]

Taste and Nutrition is Important!!

We just got back from a week at Disney and I will have a few in depth blog posts in the coming days that will include some great Disney info and a very cool Auto Train review. Some of my upcoming blog posts will be *Best Disney Buffet you have […]

Quick Disney trip report

As a Mom to 5 many of my challenges are based around food.  I personally am a morning person. I get up early with my little ones and we eat breakfast together.  But, as soon as my older kids became teens they stopped wanting to eat breakfast.  They go to […]

Breakfast for kids is a challenge!

Millet Meatballs Since we have one vegan and one vegetarian in the house I like to experiment a lot with meatless meals.  My carnivores will try most meals I make, but they are a bit skeptical.  I think meatballs are one of the foods that everyone in my house really […]

Meatless Meals, Millet Meatballs