Mr Popper’s Penguins Real Parent Review

Jim Carrey stars in this new movie for kids – Mr Popper’s Penguins. Jim Carrey plays a real estate salesperson who is left a very odd gift by his father after he dies.  The beginning of the movie shows a young Tommy Popper waiting for his father to call from his various trips to exotic places around the world.  We then cut to Tommy (Jim Carrey) as an adult in NYC off to close a big deal. He seems to have become just like his father, as he works constantly and hardly ever sees his children. He soon learns about his father’s death and goes to hear the will being read.  Tommy Popper learns that a special package will be arriving soon.  When the crate arrives at his big NYC apartment he is in for a huge surprise.  At first, Popper does not realize that his gift is actually alive and leaves the penguin on the table to deal with later.  Of course, the penguin in real and has a blast in his apartment while Popper is gone chasing the next deal of a lifetime.  After a while, the penguins really get to Popper and allow him to reconnect with his children and his ex-wife. 

Although Jim Carrey is very entertaining, the penguins become the stars of this movie.  They are extremely cute and show real personality throughout the movie. There are some great scenes with them following Mr Popper around and getting into all kinds of mischief.  You do have to suspend your disbelief as an adult (where did all that water from the tub go, wouldn’t more people be upset about the noise and cold from the apartment?).  But, if you can just enjoy the movie for what it is, you will be laughing right along with your kids.  This is a very fun, enjoyable movie which has some great characters including the penguins.  
There is little to no cursing and a few brief kisses (and a sweet scene with Popper and his ex-wife beginning to get back together after “hitting a rough spot”).  There is really nothing objectionable or scary about the movie and plenty of great themes revolving around family and its importance. 

I also want to add one more thing.  I am not a huge Jim Carrey fan. But in this movie he is very believeable and more down to earth than he usually is.  I do not enjoy his over the top crazy actions in most movies but in this movie he is much calmer and so much more enjoyable!!

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