Zevia is a great refreshing drink!

Having two sweaty teenage boys in the house means they are thirsty all day long.  I really do not like them drinking soda all the time.  Most of us eat very healthy and the teenagers really do not enjoy the healthy foods.
Last month I was sent from Mambo Sprouts 6 flavors of Zevia to try.  We had bought Zevia from Whole Foods a long time ago, but I had forgotten about this soda.  The 6 sodas arrived just in time, the hottest week of the summer.
The first thing we noticed were the colorful cans.  They were great colors and we could not wait to try the soda inside.  Sometimes the kids really want a cold fizzy drink and the Zevia really hit the spot!

The kids really liked all the flavors very much.  I loved that there were zero grams of sugar.  Zevia is sweetened with stevia and is an all natural soda.  SOOOO much better than your regular can of coke.  The favorite flavor we tried was the cream soda.  It really tasted like a real cream soda.  We poured a little over vanilla ice cream and that made a great float.
The least favorite flavor we tried was the caffeine free cola.  I think just seeing the words caffeine free turned the kids off to it, but they claimed that they liked that flavor the least. 
Zevia comes in 12 different flavors.  We tried 6 and they were all pretty awesome!
My favorite thing about Zevia is that it is 100% natural but yet at the same time it is fizzy and sweet.  Sometimes you just need that soda taste and for now, Zevia will replace all other bad sodas in our house.  If you have not heard of it or tried it yet, give it a try!

Read more about Zevia at www.zevia.com

Disclaimer: I was sent a 6 pack of Zevia to try along with a coupon and some other goodies.  The ideas expressed above are all my own ideas and I have since bought many cans of Zevia myself.

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