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Welcome to The Review of The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable By Dan Gutman

Genius Files 

Dan Gutman is my favorite author.
This series is a very educational yet adventurous series.
It is about two genius twins who are recruited to a government agency named The 
Genius Files. They are warned that they will be in danger, but they are promised 
$1,000,000 for when they are grown up. The first twin is named Coke.The second 
twin is named Pepsi (or Pep for short). Pep is very good at solving ciphers (she 
wants to be a spy when she grows up). Coke has a photographic memory and 
remembers tons of random facts. The Genius Files puts Coke and Pep in danger. 
They are nearly killed numerous times on their cross-country trip to their aunt’s 
wedding. And if you like the first book you will love the second book. The second 
book just came out last week and I have read it 10 times. It is that funny! Each book 
ends with a cliff hanger.  I cannot wait for the new book to come out, but it will be at
least a year, so until then I will have to keep rereading the 2 Genius Files books.

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