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Sometimes you need to present a new food to little kids in a way that will make them want to eat it.  Today we made a green burger which we called Green Power Burgers. Teenagers do not fall for “this crap” they tell me. But little kids eat it right […]

Green Power Burgers!

Over the past few years I hear more and more about CSA delivery services, organic pick your own farms, and various other ways to get locally grown fruits and veggies to our house. About a month ago I saw a deal on Plum District to try 2 weeks of delivery […]

From the Farmer Delivery Service

Quinoa is one of my favorite foods. It is such a healthy grain. Quinoa is also very versatile. It can make a great breakfast porridge, a side dish at lunch, and a main course for dinner. My 4 year old loves this recipe. It is a great way to get […]

Quinoa Casserole

The Three Stooges were a slap stick comedy team that was considered “old fashioned” when I was just a kid.  I still remember though, that they made me laugh every time I watched them.  The choreography of their stunts including slapping, eye gouges, bops to the head and various other […]

The Three Stooges a Real Parent Review