Whenever a friend has a baby my favorite thing to tell her is, enjoy every minute.  Time goes by so fast.  You have to stop to enjoy each stage of your child’s life.  I wish someone had told me this 16 years ago.  I feel like the past 16 years, since I became a Mom , have literally flown by me.  I do not remember much.  My oldest is 16 but my youngest is only 4.  I should remember her as a baby.  I should remember each child being born.  My mind feels too full from all that has happened in my life.  Memories are unclear.  But I can tell you one thing.  It is a bumpy but wonderful ride.  My oldest turned 16 a few weeks ago.  16 seems so old.  It doesn’t hurt that he is 6’3″ tall and looks like a man already.  It feels like he was my only child just minutes ago.  His grandmother Diane rushed to the hospital to meet him, grabbed him out of my arms, and rocked him in a rocking chair while singing you are my sunshine over and over again.  I remember this moment and I hope I never forget it.

I wanted to post some cute pictures of my oldest kid on his birthday.  But that would require
A. finding a picture
B. scanning a picture (no digital cameras back then.)
C. my son said, and I quote, “You better not post any embarrassing pictures of me on Facebook today”
D. I was too busy keeping my head above water to remember to do it!

Moms and Dads, please cherish every moment. Soak it all in. Take a mental picture.  Before you know it your baby will be taller than you and driving you to the store.
Happy Birthday Joey!

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