Summer should be Fun!

This past school year was a rough one.  Illnesses, stressful teachers, tons and tons of homework, the year was really tough on all of us.  It was so nice to have two trips to look forward to as soon as the year ended.  The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

The first place we visited was called Captain’s Quarters.  A beautiful home located on the bay in Cambridge Maryland.  It was a short trip from our home.  90 minutes in the car.  Even our group that hates to go anywhere over 10 minutes, survived the trip to Cambridge unscathed.

The Captain’s Quarters is a great house for a family reunion.  Our extended family of 19 members all got together to share good times.  This house had plenty of bedrooms, bathrooms, tvs, and things to do.  Cambridge is a very quiet town.  We really enjoyed our stay as you can see from these photos.

                                                            lounging in our pool

                                                        nature hikes (no more pictures please)

                                                              hanging with cousins

                                                           kayaking at sunset

and so much more.  Smores at the firepit was another big highlight.  The best part of each day was the family games we played after the little kids were in bed.  Boy did we laugh.  I laughed so hard my stomach hurt when it was time for bed.  Our favorite game we played was Truth Be Told.  This game is hilarious.  You also might learn some things about your family members.  Even though our vacation was many weeks ago, I still remember the fun we had on family game night.  I highly recommend Captain’s Quarters for anyone who enjoys a quiet family reunion.

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