Monthly Archives: October 2013

On to recipe #2 with my new Swerve sweetener.  Alex gave the brownies a 5/10 rating. So I was determined to try again and improve my score.  I next attempted a sugar cookie made with swerve.  Alex gave these a 7/10.  He is such a good sport that he always […]

Sugar Swerved Cookies

My son Joey (17) told me today that I had to get the app Snapchat.  He told me it would be so much fun to be able to send pictures to each other. So not wanting to make him mad, I downloaded it. This is a preview of Snapchat?. Read […]


Kindergarten homework this weekend was to find a photo of what inspires you.  I asked Diane, what inspires you? Is it your family? Your new dog? A tv show? What? This is what she found on Google images. CHOCOLATE!! That is what inspires my 5 year old. Have a great […]

What inspires you?