Confession time with Quinoa Polenta and vegetables

It has been two months since I last posted on this blog of mine. Those two months are a real blur.
Let me quickly sum up the past two months:
Summer ended

School supply shopping began
School started
Lunchboxes needed to be made
Kids needed winter clothes sorted
Dogs needed to be walked
Fish and bird needed occasional food too
Bills needed paying
So here I am, embarrassed to say that it has been 2 months since my last confession, I mean posting.

Today I will share with you my go to lunch.  I make this lunch anyday where I do not have leftovers or something else planned. I could easily eat this for lunch each and everyday. It is that good.  Also, it is really healthy and makes you feel good too. 
Whatever fresh veggies you have in your fridge, chop them up and saute them. Add a little EVOO if you need to.  Just sauteing in a bit of water works for me.

Today I had mushrooms, zucchini, and broccoli.  Anything fresh or frozen works here.
The magic part of this lunch is the quinoa polenta.  I can find this at a few local stores. It is organic, pre cooked, and ready to eat.  For a generous portion it is only 80 calories!  The best part is how quick your meal is ready when you use this product.  Quick, easy and healthy and my top 3 reasons for eating lunch.

After your veggies are done to your liking, slice your quinoa polenta as thick or thin as you like.  Saute a few minutes on each side.  Serve your quinoa over your veggies and enjoy!  Soon I will try to make a soup and crumble the polenta into the soup.  Not sure how it will come out, but it is worth a try!

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