Take your child to the Library Day plus a GIVEAWAY! 4

Yesterday was Take Your Child to the Library day.  If you went to the library yesterday, great job! If not, you still can go another day.  We love the library.  We reserve our books online, and go pick them up as soon as we get the magic email that they are ready.  Of course, we also browse all the new books in the kids area.  The library is one of the best free spots around.

Now that Diane is reading on her own, and really getting into a groove with reading, the library is even more important and we go more often.

Back in September we attended a We Teach Workshop locally.  We learned a ton, got out of the house, and Diane even got to decorate her own cupcake.

Win win, right?  In our swag bag, we received a free three month trial to an app we had never heard of before, Bookboard.  We downloaded it as soon as we got home.  The app allowed us to customize the reading experience as well as find age appropriate books for 3 of my kids.  My older kids have not used it as much, probably because the new 6 year old avid reader is not letting them!  Diane can choose if she wants to read a book herself or if she wants to have a voice read to her.  After each book she reads, she unlocks another level, and after 3 levels, a NEW book!  Unlocking the new books is really exciting when you are six.  There is a nice variety on the easy reading level.  We really have not looked closely at the harder books, but we will.  In honor of Take your child to the Library Day, Bookboard was nice enough to give me a one year subscription to their service. Can you say best gift EVER? We have been busy reading and unlocking books in the past week. And guess what??? Bookboard also gave me a one year subscription to share with one of my readers.

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