International Day of Happiness is a great way to show our #Disneyside

This post was scheduled to go up on Thursday last week.  Alas, it did not.  But it is not too late to talk about two wonderful things, The International Day of Happiness and ways to show our #Disneyside.

What is the International Day of Happiness?  The HuffPo had a great compilation of articles here telling you all the ways you can be happier. I love that being happier had a day, but why only one day? We need this to last forever.  No one seems happy anymore.  There is so much tragedy and reason to be sad.  But, wouldn’t it be nice if people smiled more and treated you with kindness?

Strangely enough on the Day of Happiness, I did feel happier.  I went on a few shopping errands, and I saw people smiling.  In one store two employees went out their way to chat with me and my daughter and they even offered us fresh baked cookies, for free! Not much makes my daughter happier than hot chocolate chip cookies, YUM.  But maybe it was me. Maybe I was trying to feel happier and smile more, and in return others were showing the same feelings.  I loved the Happiness Day and I hope that if I feel happier it will be contagious and rub off on others around me.

I cannot end Happiness Day without the song that is being played almost as often as Let it Go.  I hope today is very happy for all of you!

But, before I go, I need to quickly post and fill you in on our #Disneyside party.
The most exciting part of our party was the buildup, waiting for our #Disneyside party box to arrive.  Every single day Diane and Molly would wait for the UPS man.

Finally the box we were waiting for!  We could not wait to see the goodies inside.

                   Stay tuned for more photos and stories from our party and show me your #DisneySide!

Our family has been showing our #Disneyside for the past 25 years.  I visited Disneyworld as a child a few times and so did my husband.  We won a trip to Disney, and we took our inlaws with us.  Then we went to Disney for our HONEYMOON!  We have had our DVC membership for the past 20 years and showing our #Disneyside makes us very happy.  So many of our best family memories are from our trips to Disney.
Do you want to learn more about Disney Side?   Check out and and get inspired to show off YOUR Disney Side!

I was provided a suitcase full of amazing party supplies and ideas by
Disney, HP, American Tourister,
Disney Parks, Mom Select, Hanes, and Ocean Spray to create this fantastic party.  The ideas and opinions are 100% my own.

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