Spiral Night at Harbor School

Last night was magical.  Walking through each of the classrooms, that hold children as young as 3 and as old as 2nd grade was incredible.  Once a year the Harbor school holds a sprial night.  The theme changes each year.  Last year the theme was the human body.  We went through each classroom and looked at the incredible projects that had been created based on the body.  There were questions to answer in each room, contests as well.  The excitement built as we exited one room and entered the next. After last year’s spiral night I did not know how this year could be better.

The theme this year was Artists.  Each child wore a piece of art (that they had decorated themselves).  We were handed our artists’ passport with secret mini photos inside, one special picture to find in each classroom.  We were excited to enter our own Museum!

The artwork was incredible.  We enjoyed each and every room.  The teachers and kids are so incredibly creative and talented. 

The entry wall was inspired by Mondrian.  I love how each child had such a different final project.

The Gelede Headdresses were really creative. Honestly, each display was more impressive than the next.

This map was AWESOME!  I wish I had time to read everything.

Two classes studied Leonardo Da Vinci.  These sketches were so detailed and I loved reading the descriptions as well.
Diane’s class made flying machines.

Each child in Diane’s class studied an artist and then displayed a poster with some of their art.  Diane was excited to choose her Great Aunt Carla as her favorite artist.  I am not sure who was more excited Diane or Carla!  Diane learned that she and Carla have a lot in common. They both love dogs, cats and birds.  They both love pink, purple and aqua.

But wait, Diane’s class did something even cooler.  They replicated Lascaux Cave.  Imagine having an actual cave in your classroom.  The kids each made paintings and the paintings were hung up inside, on top of, and all around the cave. It was so much fun walking into a cave in your Kindergarten classroom.  This is something Diane will never forget.

I have so many more pictures to post and no time to do it.  This blog post has been sitting open on my computer for about 10 hours now.  I keep sitting down and adding one more thing, then getting busy with something else.  I live-tweeted many other photos on Twitter #spiralnight.  Here are a few more of my favorite displays!

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