As my children grow older, I find myself trying to remember specific milestones.  My memory is spotty though as I age. But this weekend will be a big milestone for my middle child.
Being the middle one is a fun position. I was the oldest and I always felt in charge.  I still like to think I am in charge, even though I am losing some ground as the kids get older.
My middle son, Noah, turned 13 last week and will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah this weekend.  His Bar Mitzvah comes with more responsibility and tons of hard work.  Noah studied with my Dad for the past two years.  He worked very hard and his hard work will show this weekend.  I barely remember Noah as a baby.  In this picture Noah is 2 hours old.  I blinked and here we are 13 years later.

As I have written here before, Noah and his older brother suffer from an auto-immune illness called POTS(Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). This illness has a huge effect on both of their daily lives.  Noah is raising money for research into developing a cure for POTS.  If you would like to make a donation(no donation is too small!) you can go to this link 

This week is also exciting because spring  is finally here! It took a while, and we are still wearing jackets and long sleeves off and on, but when our trees bloom, we know spring cannot be far off.

This winter was brutal, many storms, tons of snow, really cold temperatures, and sky high heating bills.  But spring is here and we will enjoy it, until it gets too hot HA!
I will be posting over the next month some photos of the chicken hatching I won from teachmama a few weeks ago.  Diane’s class is going to be hatching chicks as well as observing and taking care of two chickens.  The kids are so excited.  It will be a wonderful learning experience for them.

If you are local to Maryland and you want to hatch some chicks or have backyard hens yourself, please contact Rent-A-Coop! They have been wonderful to work with and our Kindergarten class will show you how much fun the chicks are.

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