AT&T and the It can wait campaign

As a Mom to two teens who are of age to drive, I am growing increasingly concerned about teens and driving habits. We just moved from a state that has laws in place, that make it illegal to drive and have a cell phone in your hand. I was used to these laws and I am shocked to see people in Virginia on their phones constantly while driving. It is truly scary to witness. Not only are they on their phone, but they are usually speeding as well.  AT&T has a new It Can Wait program to encourage drivers to keep their eyes on the road, not on their phone.

No text, search, post, view, or email is worth a life!

49% of commuters admit to texting while driving.
When teen drivers were polled, 75% of them say texting and driving is common among their friends. This scares me the most. AT&T has released a truly brilliant app. This app, AT&T DriveMode should immediately get added to everyone’s phone, especially your teen drivers.


This app does many things for you, and they are all done automatically.  The app can detect when you are driving or moving over 15 mph and will immediately send phone calls to voicemail.  If you get an incoming text, it will respond that you are driving and explains that you will respond as soon as you can.

This app can also monitor young drivers.  When teens do not hear the sound of the text coming in, they concentrate better on their driving.  The app automatically shuts off when you stop moving after a short period of time. Brilliant concept!

Please read more about this important campaign at and follow them on twitter at

AT&T is also working on many exciting home automation tasks, and soon enough our digital life will all be easier to control.  This is  music to my ears.

I learned about this app at a brunch sponsored by AT&T.  All thoughts and ideas are my own and I have been a happy AT&T customer for over 10 years.

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