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Shhh, I know it is Monday, but let’s just make believe it is still Sunday and I am posting 5 awesome board games and one recipe video. If you follow me on Instagram you know we play games most of our day during the summer.  Today I want to share with you 5 of our favorites and then one recipe.  Some of these games were sent to us to review by exhibitors from Blogger Bash, other games we bought ourselves many years ago.  All opinions are based on plenty of game play and trial and error with each game.  If you have any specific questions about these games feel free to email me or leave me a comment.  I promise to get back to you very quickly!  Now, here are our favorite games this month:

  1. Googly Eyes by Goliath Games:  This game has been enjoyed by everyone from age 7- adult in our family.  This game is similar to pictionary but with the added dimension of silly glasses.  The glasses come with three different levels of impairment.  Depending on what you roll, you change the lenses on your glasses and you try to get your teammate to guess what you are drawing.  (In case you were wondering, the googly glasses fit easily over regular glasses)  This game is played in under 30 minutes which is perfect for a quick after dinner game.  Buy this game if you love to laugh. Just looking at your teammate wearing the silly glasses sends us all into giggles.  Looking at the glasses you might think, yeah , this will be easy.  Just try it and I promise, it is not as easy as it looks.
  2. Wordsearch Jr. by Goliath Games: This game is a great thinking game.  Our 7 year old has no idea that she is practicing reading while playing this game.  This game could be played with a child as young as 2-3 up to an adult.  Different levels of cards are included with the game.  Young children can use pictures while older children need to find letters or words.  The board keeps moving around in a circle and the first person to find the specific picture combination or word grabs a squeaker toy and then puts down their tiles.  The person with the most tiles at the end of the round wins.  Beware, if you have a dog who likes squeaky toys, she might think this game is for her. (We now avoid this problem by just grabbing the squeaker without actually squeaking it!)

3. Riddle Cube by Educational Insights: This is such a creative game!  You can play in teams or as individuals.  Each person or team has a crazy shaped connected set of straw pieces that they need to maneuver into the correct position.  Each new turn, a card will be turned over and you need to be the first one to turn your straw shaped object into that creation.  Some members of our family with low muscle tone find the cards quite challenging, other people find the cards really easy.  One thing I will tell you about this game, it makes us laugh.  Working together to create the objects is really a fun way to  bond with your family.  This game is very hard to describe, I hope this picture shows you a bit of what you will need to do.  Try this game, it is really fun!


4.    Wits and Wagers, family edition by North Star Games.  This game is tried and true in our family, we have been playing it for years.  The best things about this game are that it is over in 20-30 minutes, and any age person can really play.  During each game you will try to write down your best numerical guess to a crazy question.  How tall was the tallest person in the world?  Everone then writes down their best answer, and sometimes the craziest answer is the winning answer.  After each person writes down their guess, the guesses are put on the betting board in numerical order. You place your “bets” (which are betting chips) and hope that you voted for the answer closest to the correct answer.  The betting part is hard for younger children, but in our house, the youngest often wins.  Trust me, this game is such a fun family game. Very little controversy and lots of laughs. You might even learn some crazy fact that you did not know before!  (By the way, the answer to that question was 8 feet 11inches tall, wow!)

5. Tenzi dice game by Tenzi.  My kids love this game.  It is extremely simple to understand.  Up to four people can play, and each person has a set of ten dice of one color.  There are different variations to the game play but the simplest way to play is, say GO then each person tries to roll all ten dice to one number.  The first person to do this wins.  My kids know many variations, and there is lots of dice rolling and laughter that occurs with Tenzi.  This game is a great travel game because it all fits into one small tube.  This game is also awesome because it can be over in less than 5 minutes!

6. Number six is always a recipe. Today I made a video showing you how easy it is to make steel cut oats in your rice machine. Yes, your rice machine can be used for other things besides rice!  Any grain can be made in it, including oats!  So check out my video and make yourself a healthy breakfast that will last you all week long!

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