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How is today the last Sunday of August? The last Sunday of the summer? Summer is so relaxing and fun and HOT. The kids have no homework and we have time to just have fun.  Not really looking forward to going back to the grind in September.  But alas, the kids need an education, and we need to start school.  I can’t decide if I will be more productive when school starts or less.  The two younger ones will be in school a very long day. But as the PTO president at their school I will be quite busy.  The two POTS brothers will be on Homebound education again this year, and that takes tons of energy when trying to wake them both up, make sure they take their medications, and get their classwork done on time.  Yeah, not sure that school time will provide a break, just a different more hectic schedule.

Today I have my six on Sunday post as a sneak preview to my HUGE holiday gift guide that I will be posting in November. We are having so much fun testing toys and games and even apps this summer. We will only be sharing with you the cream of the crop, the best new toys that will make great Birthday or Holiday gifts.

The recipe I am sharing today is perfect for the last few Zucchinis you might have in your house. This bread is the perfect snack with a little peanut butter, or will make a nice dessert in your school lunch box.  The zucchini bread can be made vegan or not, your choice!

Here is a sneak preview of six awesome gifts that your recipient will love!

1.Just Add Milk by Griddly Games.  This is such a simple idea, but it has been one of our favorite summer projects.  It also comes in a cute milk shaped container.  Just Add Milk is a science and art kit all rolled into one adorable package.  You can watch our video here which shows you only the first project that we filmed. This photo is of the third project, making a suncatcher.

2.Sands Alive Glow by Play Visions.  The sand in this kit is so soft and fun for kids or adults! It molds so easily and feels very therapeutic and relaxing.  The added UV glasses and glow pen make this toy even more fun.

3.Crush-It Bat by Tucker Toys.  This bat is awesome, especially if you have kids of various ages.  The tension on the bat adjusts, so it can be easy to use with toddlers right up to adults.  Plus, the ball is made of a very soft material so no one gets hurt if they are hit by the ball!  You can see our video here which shows you three Tucker toys products that we love.

4.Squishy Pops My Little Pony jewelry.  This set as well as the blind capsules will make any little girl happy!  The squishy pop ponys are so cute, small, and a nice small gift that a My Little Pony will love.  You can attach your ponys as well as your charms to the bracelet.  My daughter loves wearing hers and adding more charms to it.

5.Air storm Fire Tek Bow by Zing.  This bow and arrow is super fun for girls and boys of really any age.  This particular model lights up, which is awesome when you are playing outside in the dark.  You will be surprised at how well this bow works.  The arrows go really far and look so cool when they light up the dark sky.  Even my 19 year old loves this toy!

6.The 6th item on this Sunday is a delicious zucchini bread posted here.  If you have never heard of aquafaba, it is an amazing replacement ingredient for eggs or egg whites.  Vegans and or people who cannot eat eggs really have no substitute in a recipe that calls for egg whites.  Sure I have made a chia egg or a flax egg, but they just do not give the same consistency as egg whites do.  Plus, neither of these replacement eggs can whip up into a meringue that look and behave just like stiff peak egg whites.  It is no wonder that my local Whole Foods had no chickpeas left on the shelf, they are so magical, everyone is buying them all!!!  Have a great week everyone.

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