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So many goodies to share with you today!  At the end I have a HUGE giveaway, with prizes worth well over $1000, all shipped right to your door. I wish I could win! But since I can’t, I am excited that one of my Blog readers will be the grand prize winner. Each of the participating companies has an amazing product to share with you. We personally tasted and tested all of the items in this giveaway and they are delicious.  Winners must live in the Continental United States. Prizes will be shipped to your home after your entries are verified.  I am so excited to see who wins. Please help celebrate these awesome companies and share with me how wonderful they are on social media.

A few weeks ago my family and I attended the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore, Maryland.  This show was incredible. We met so many new companies who actually care about the foods we feed our families.  We are already making our plans to attend next year and we will devote at least two days to this show.  Maybe we met about 20% of the exhibitors, there were just too many incredibly interesting people to meet.  Next year we will be making a more organized plan to visit more exhibitors.  A few of the products I am including in this list were not exhibitors at Expo East, but they wanted to join my giveaway, so I thank each and every one of you. Let’s spread the healthy snacks all around the world together!

On to the giveaway.

I am really excited to share this giveaway with my readers. We have been quietly munching and enjoying these products in our home over the past month and trust me, they are so delicious.  Each of these products has such an awesome story behind it. It would be impossible for me to choose a favorite from this list because I love them all.  ONE winner will receive all of the 15 individual prizes listed below.  You can’t win unless you enter, so what are you waiting for, enter today!  If you are not the winner, please click on the links below and check out these 15 awesome companies.

  1. Chickpeatos: Chickpeatos come in four delicious flavors, tomato basil, spicy cayenne, cinnamon toast and rosemary. Tomato basil was my favorite flavor. It tasted like a nice bowl of pasta and sauce without the pasta. These small crunchy chickpeas are roasted in coconut oil and are a hometown favorite (made right here in the DC Metro area, yay!).  Chickpeatos are made by Watusee Foods, love that name! The chickpeatos are organic, kosher, high in protein, high in fiber, gluten free, vegan and non GMO. I will warn you that Chickpeatos are very addictive.  You might find yourself eating a whole bag in one sitting.  Winner will receive one box with a bag of each flavor of Chickpeatos.
  2. Huga Bars: Huga Bars come in three flavors, almond&honey, hazelnut&chocolate, and dulce de leche oat&walnut.  All three flavors are awesome.  They are nutritious, convenient & flavorful. They are so much better than your typical boring granola bar.  The hazelnut and chocolate was my favorite one.  Huga bars are gluten free, kosher, GMO free, and high in protein and fiber.  I packed a Huga bar to eat at a conference last week and it kept me full all morning long. Winner will receive two boxes of bars and a Huga tank top!
  3. Luke’s Organic Snacks: Luke’s has so many awesome products. We tried them all and we could not choose a favorite as a family, our list of favorites included: Wavy potato chips, kale chips(that do not taste like kale, even the kids agree), and cheddar lighting bolts(taste&look like cheetos).  The Luke’s Organics line is huge and includes many flavors of chips, crackers & clouds (you know you want to eat some clouds right?). The entire line is organic, kosher, non GMO, gluten free, vegan, and contain no nuts.  Luke’s organics snacks are quite addictive and my kids even fought over who got to eat the last cheddar lightning bolt.  Winner will receive one case of mixed snacks.
  4. Simply Gum: Simply Gum is the only natural gum brand in the US made with 100% natural ingredients.  Simply Gum comes in 6 flavors, fennel licorice, maple, mint, coffee, cinnamon, and ginger. We tasted both mint and maple and they were so good! My daughter said that simply gum is the best gum she ever tasted and she loves gum!  There are no artificial or synthetic ingredients and no preservatives.  Simply gum is gluten free and kosher.  Keep your mouth healthy and try some simply gum instead of the more popular less healthy brands. Winner will receive one case of gum and it will ship to you in mid November.
  5. Uncle Andy’s Jerky: Uncle Andy’s Jerky is a craft gourmet beef jerky that comes in four flavors: Tex’s Texas Tangy BBQ,  Southern Gent Lemon Mint, Lumberjack Maple Bourbon, Bandito Loco Spicy Coffee and the brand new Boise Mushroom Blue Cheese. Don’t you love those flavor names? Uncle Andy’s is all natural, includes honest ingredients, has no preservatives, and no nitrites added.   Winner will receive one box with a bag of each flavor.
  6. Fridge Coasters: Fridge coasters are the product that you never knew you needed. These handy cardboard cutouts in super cute patterns help to keep your fridge clean.  These natural and functional coasters are the perfect way to make your refrigerator look prettier and clean up easier.  Fridge coasters are eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and recyclable.  By using these Fridge Coasters you will have a Pinterest worthy refrigerator!  Fridge Coasters soak up spills while keeping the surface looking beautiful. Winner will receive 2 Fridge packs or a Fridge Pack + in any color.
  7. Dandie’s Marshmallows: Dandie’s Vegan Marshmallows are incredible! No one would know that these marshmallows are vegan.  They do not contain any gelatin, tree nuts, gluten, dairy, peanuts, corn, wheat or fat! They are Kosher and are the first marshmallow to be Non GMO verified! Dandies are delicious plain (Diane loves to take them for a dessert in her lunch) or they can be used in baking smores, rice krispy treats or on top of hot chocolate. Winner will receive 1 bag of Vanilla, 1 bag of Vanilla mini & one bag of Pumpkin minis.
  8. Medora’s Snacks: Medora Snacks makes one of our favorite snacks, Popcorners. At Expo East we tried their new PopCrinkles and they were awesome (similar to a Popchip but better).  Popcrinkles are very crunchy and leave a nice flavor burst in your mouth.  Medora snacks tries to make better snacks that are also better for you and they succeed. Medora snacks are gluten free, GMO free, preservative free, kosher and low in fat. Winner will receive one case of mixed snacks.
  9. Crunchies: Crunchies freeze dried strawberries are awesome. These individual bags are perfect for a lunchbox snack. My kids love to add them to their morning cereal bowl too.  The strawberries have no added ingredients, just 100% fruit.  Only 40 calories per small bag. They are Non-GMO, kosher, and gluten free.  They are relaunching their product in the next two weeks and you will be one of the first to try it!  Crunchies are also great in a yogurt parfait or on an ice cream sundae. Winner will receive 20 individual bags of freeze dried strawberry crunchies.
  10. Norm’s Farms:  Norm’s farms sells wonderful Elderberry products.  The elderberry is a superfruit as well as a powerful antioxidant.  Elderberries are packed with Vitamins A, B and C as well as iron and potassium.  I read an article this week that said the elderberry is just as powerful as the flu shot.  So far we have each been taking a spoon of elderberry syrup and we have not been sick yet (hoping this lasts!). Winner will receive a coupon code that will allow them to order a supplement two pack, one Elderberry Extract and one Elderberry Wellness Syrup as well as free shipping.
  11. Spools and Spoons Soap: Ginger Smith wanted to create soaps and lip balms that would be safe for her family to use.  She sells wonderful soaps free of all the harsh chemicals and ingredients you cannot pronounce.  We tried four flavors of her soaps: honeysuckle gardenia, fudge brownie, pure coconut, and cucumber melon.  We also tried a moisturizing bubble gum flavored lip balm.  Every ingredient was familiar to me.  The soaps last a very long time and smelled amazing. They did not dry our skin and left us smelling awesome. The lip balm is smooth and moisturizing and has lasted a long time.  Know what ingredients you are putting on your body and switch to Spools and Spoons soaps and lip balms.  Winner will receive 2 soaps of their choice from the Etsy site as well as one lip balm.
  12. Ruby Rocket Veggie & Fruit Pops: Ruby Rockets are the popsicles that taste so good you won’t believe they are good for you!  Ruby Rockets are Non-GMO, kosher, organic, have no artificial ingredients, include healthy probiotics in each pop, are full of vitamins & nutrients, low in sugar, gluten free, dairy free, and are vegan. Plus they taste delicious. Ruby Rockets come in 8 fun flavors: Rock it Red, Orbit Orange, Galaxy Green, Gravity Grape, Celestial Cherry, Meteorite Mango, Far Out Fudge and Planetary Pink Lemonade.  My kids love to eat these refreshing popsicles all summer long. I love being able to sneak in vegetables without the kids knowing (these pops taste so good you will never notice the veggies).  Winner will receive a swag bag from Ruby Rockets filled with coupons for popsicles and other goodies.
  13. Raw Food Central: Onion rings are definitely on my forbidden food list. There are no redeeming qualities to a deep fried onion ring.  But the onion rings that Raw Food Central makes are incredibly delicious, addictive, and surprisingly nutritious.  Raw Food central sells four different products: Kale Chips, Onion Rings, Flax Crackers and Snack Mix.  Each bag is so good for you, you do not care that you just ate the entire bag in one sitting. These raw vegan snacks are kosher, Non GMO verified, gluten free, and organic. Winner will receive one case of mixed snacks.
  14. The Real Co: The Real Co was one of my favorite finds at Expo East. They are the first single origin global food company.  They sell naturally nourishing Non-GMO and Organic products.  They sell White Basmati Rice, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, and Raw Cane Sugar.  When you purchase one of these single origin products you are buying it right from the source.  Your food will be full of nutrients as well as flavor.  Each purchase also supports small farms, their families and their staff.  The Real Co is helping to create more jobs, and increase tourism to ensure sustainability in their unique communities.  Their products are raw, gluten free, vegan, kosher, organic, and Non-GMO. The Real Co will be expanding soon with even more products.  Winner will receive a box with all of the products that the Real Co currently sells.
  15. Biena Foods: I love chickpeas and I cannot eat enough of them.  Biena chickpeas has five delectable flavors: Sea Salt, Honey Roasted, Habanero, Barbeque and Cinnamon Crunch.  These chickpea snacks were a little less crunchy than the chickpeatos, but equally gratifying as a healthy snack.  My favorite flavor was the cinnamon crunch, a perfect amount of sweetness for a healthy dessert. Winner will receive a box with one bag of each flavor of Biena Chickpeas.

You can enter this giveaway on the Rafflecopter below. All entries will be checked.  Many of these products were tasted and sampled by our family at Expo East as well as in our home.  This post is not sponsored.  All prizes will be shipped directly to one winner by each of the sponsors.  Winner must live in the Continental United States.

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