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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I am excited to share another guest blogger with you today.  Ellie has recently moved close to me and together we are both discovering new territory.  Ellie is a great friend, awesome yoga teacher, our children are in the same school and she also has a wonderful blog about Family Restorative Yoga.  Ellie has a great post to share with you today: Tips on how to recover from overeating on Thanksgiving.  You know you will be needing this post after you eat too much at the Thanksgiving dinner. Bookmark it now and come back to it later.  Thanks for sharing with my readers today Ellie!

First, I want to give thanks to Sara for inviting me to guest post and for general social media inspiration! My bloghot_water_bottle focuses on how parents and kids can do yoga together for health and relaxation. I am a yoga teacher and a mom – yoga and mothering are my two favorite things to do.

Picture yourself after an awesome Thanksgiving meal (or midnight binge on leftovers). Remember how your belly feels? So, your first step is to open your pants button or change into comfortable pants.  But, you don’t just have to sit still for the rest of the day and let your body digest all that food – you can feel better right away! Get rid of that bloat with a few simple yoga tricks. Here are a few ideas from my family to yours…with a concentration on creating space throughout the digestive tract for smooth moves.

*Create conditions for movement and space in your lower digestive track.  Go for a slow walk, maybe start by clearing a few dirty dishes into the kitchen. Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day, go for a short walk. Get that food moving and at the same time, get your body moving.

*Break out the hot water bottle! My mother used to encourage this home remedy when my stomach was upset as a child. The warmth from the hot water is soothing for the digestive organs and also stimulates oxygen flow and movement in the muscles – helping to aid natural digestion and igniting the “agni”(a yoga term for ‘metabolic energy for digestion’).

*Do you feel like getting in the recliner chair? Your body is sending you messages. Reclining – in a chair or otherwise – allows digestive organs to expand and do the work they need to do while the rest of the body conserves the energy that the digestive tract needs for processing. It isn’t only the tryptophan from the turkey that is making you tired – your muscles are also legitimately working hard to re-balance your body’s inner homeostasis after such a large feast!


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