What to buy the Tech Lovers on your Holiday Gift List? 2015 Technology Gift Guide 67

2015 Tech Lovers Gift Guide


Is 2015 really coming to an end? The calendar says it is, so let’s start thinking about holiday gifts.  Over the past six months our family has been busy researching and testing hundreds of products so we would be prepared to create many Gift Guides. Yes, we will be posting 12 different gift guides to help you buy the perfect gift for everyone on your list.  Today I am sharing with you our first gift guide, the perfect gifts to buy for the Technology Lover on your list. Some of these items are quite pricey (aren’t the latest technology items always expensive?) but some are very reasonable as well.  Just in case you are curious what the other gift guides that I will be sharing with you are, here is the full list.  Links will be active as soon as the gift guide is live.  Bookmark this page so you can find the gift guide you are looking for.  Some Amazon links are affiliate links and I will be paid a few cents if you click on a link and make a purchase. Thanks for visiting our first gift guide!


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On to today’s items.  I present to you Cool Gifts for the Tech Lovers on your Holiday List:

  1. Sky Rover Voice Command Heli Vehicle: This helicopter is so much fun. Our entire family had a blast trying it out.  It appeals to adults, kids and even grandparents.  You use your voice as you speak into the headset to control the helicopter.  You must use this helicopter indoors because it is quite fragile. It would be the perfect gift for any gadget tech lover at a reasonable price point.  The voice command component makes this remote control helicopter one of a kind.
  2. Ipad Stand: I am sure your tech lover has some kind of smartphone or tablet.  This tablet or Ipad stand is awesome. It can be used in the kitchen while following a recipe, it can be used in the office to watch a movie or the latest football game, or it can be used at night to just hold a charging device.  This stand is perfect for the tech lover who already has everything else!  We use our Ipad stand in so many ways, it is a gift that will be well loved for a long time.
  3. Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System: This is the ultimate gift for the tech lover who also happens to enjoy a game of golf.  This very small device will completely analyze an entire round of golf.  It automatically tracks your shot performance and compiles the data for you.  You can then share your results, compare it to other players, then you can even compete against other golfers or even pro golfers.  How cool is it to arrive to home from a round of golf and be able to see each stroke of your game in an easy to understand format.
  4. Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Speaker: This tech lovers gadget will provide an awesome shower experience along with some great tunes.  This showerhead with built in wireless speaker will stream your favorite music and playlist while you take your daily shower. It is the gift that will be used and enjoyed daily.  The speaker easily syncs with bluetooth enabled devices.  You can even catch up on the news or the overnight sports scores while you are showering, brilliant, right?
  5. Mimobot USB Drive: Nobody ever has enough USB drives.  This super cute Star Wars themed USB will appeal to any tech lover around.  It comes in so many cute characters, Boba Fett, R2D2, Darth Maul, C3PO, Stormtrooper, Yoda and many more options.  It will even play a cute Star Wars song when you plug it in and remove it from your computer.  This is the cutest holiday gift that anyone will love and enjoy.  Flash drives for everyone!
  6. Fitbit Surge: This is the newest technology from Fitbit.  This is a GPS, Watch, Heart rate monitor, Workout monitor, Sleep tracker & alarm setter, and can even show you texts and calls from your phone. This Fitbit surge does it all! Anyone who loves technology would love to have this piece of wearable tech.  We have one of these Fitbits and it really provides an incredible amount of information in one small device.
  7. Fluxmob Bolt: This tiny charger takes your old wall charger to a whole new level.  It comes in many bright colors, charges your phone normally, then turns into a portable battery pack as you go about a busy day.  The Bolt will stylishly keep your devices charged and also come in handy when you use up your battery on a busy day.  This new technology has a high capacity and is compatible with most USB charged devices.
  8. Apple Watch Sport: Does your iphone tech lover have the Apple Watch yet? I promise this gift will make any technology lover swoon.  The Apple Watch is the best new piece of technology that I can offer you.  It reminds me of the Inspector Gadget type products that I could only dream of as a child.  The Apple Watch syncs seamlessly with your Apple products.  Many Apps are specifically designed just for the watch.  The watch even has 8GM worth of storage.  Your gift recipient will not be disappointed!
  9. Lego Mindstorms EV3:  The pieces in this LEGO kit will allow you to actually create and build a real working robot.  Any technology lover will enjoy this building project.  You can then use the included remote control or even control the robot from your smartphone or Ipad.  Over 600 pieces are combined in this set.  This set is perfect for wannabe engineers and programmers.  The easy to use building materials will have your robot ready to use in no time.
  10. LG 55″ 4K Ultra Smart LED TV: 4K Technology is the future in Television.  Netflix is now streaming most of their programming in 4K, don’t you want to be able to enjoy that? The LG 4K tv is sure to please any technology lover on your list.  I definitely save the best gift for last.  One year I bought my husband a new TV and honestly he has never loved a present quite as much as that TV.  This LG TV comes with built in WIFI, a magic remote, the highest level in picture quality and surround sound.  You cannot go wrong with this gift!



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