Gift Guide for Kids Ages 3-6 years old #Giftguide 2015 14

#giftguide for kids ages 3-6 years old

Children ages 3-6 are in my favorite age range.  I used to be a Kindergarten teacher so I understand these cuties.  I have five unique ideas for the preschool through first graders in your lives.  Some of these items can go a little younger or even a little older as well.  Each of these gifts were tested by my daughter and she gave them her seal of approval.  She has very tough regulations and parameters and she thought these were good gifts.  Thanks for visiting my gift guides this year, we had a great time putting them together.

  1. Shopkins Plush:  Shopkins are all the rage.  My daughter would love any toy with the word shopkins attached to it.  When she saw this Shopkins plush doll she fell in love.  This stuffed animal is extremely soft.  It looks just like the Shopkins.  My daughter sleeps with hers and brings it with her around the house.  If you have a Shopkins fan and a stuffed animal lover, then this is a perfect present, and one that your Shopkins fan might not already have.
  2. Color Alive books by Crayola:  Color Alive books come in many different themes, Minions, Monster High, Barbie, Skylanders, Mythical Creatures and more! There is a book for all kids in this series.  This super cool product from Crayola is not just a book, it is a book that brings your coloring to life along with a free Windows, IOS or Android App.  Your child colors in a page, you scan it with the app and then the picture they colored comes to life.  It is really cool and the kids love it!  Each book has a special color that unlocks some special virtual effects.
  3. Moff, the wearable smart toy:  This wearable smart band would be so much fun for active children.  Each time your child moves his or her arm a new sound can come out.  How awesome to encourage exercise in less active children as well!  The slap band (remember slap bracelets, this is the same thing!!) interacts with a “smart device” and sounds come out of the band when the child moves.  There are 2 free Apps to interact with (on IOS or Android).  Your smart device must be Android version 4.4+ or Apple iOS 7.1+.  When your child swings their arm, a spoon can become a tennis racket, a spoon can also become a magic wand, or a pencil can turn into drumsticks.  There are no limits to a child’s imagination and a Moff Band.
  4. Johnny Test Vehicle:  Does your child love the Johnny Test tv show? Mine does!  She was very excited to use the Johnny Test vehicle and character in her imaginative play.  A second character (sold separately) can sit in the car as well.  This Turbo Backpack Vehicle is a perfect copy of the one on the TV show.  Your child will love adding this car to their vehicle collection.
  5. Worry Eaters by Haywire Group:  These super soft dolls have double meanings.  First, they are cuddly playmates with cute faces and personalities.  Second, they are meant to eat up your child’s worries and reassure them that everything will be ok.  You can help your child write down their worry and then zip it into the worry eaters’ mouth.  The worry eater gobbles up all your child’s worries and holds them tight.  Children who are a bit older can write down their own worries and zip them away in a safe place. Such a cute idea!!

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