Holiday Gift Guide for Ages 5-9 45

2015 Gift Guide for Elementary School 5-9 year olds

Holiday Gift Guide for Ages 5-9:

What should you buy for your favorite 5-9 year old? I have some great suggestions for you.  Some of these gift ideas are better for boys and some for girls. I will leave that for you to decide. Most of these gift guide suggestions were tested by my 7 year old daughter and given the thumbs up by her.  I hope you find these ideas to be unique, interesting, and something you might not have thought of for the elementary school child in your life.

  1. Make your own dreamcatcher: This is a one of a kind gift because your child will be making it all by himself and as a result will have a unique dreamcatcher.  All the items you need to create the dreamcatcher come inside the box.  Dreamcatchers are supposed to ward off bad dreams and help your child fall asleep faster, winning gift, right?  Use my code: RAF10715 to get $10 off your first order at Seedling. If you do not love the dreamcatcher I am sure you can find another awesome project on their website.
  2. Subscription to Brickswag: Is your child a LEGO maniac? I know mine are. The brilliant people at Brickswag have designed subscription boxes filled with amazing LEGO items, many unique and hard to find ones are included.  This gift can be purchased as a single box, a 3 month set, 6 month, or the ultimate gift of 12 months of LEGO surprises.  The LEGO boxes are well priced and will include an exclusive t-shirt, Bricks, a magazine, trading cards and more.  You cannot go wrong with this gift, I do not know any children who do not love to get MAIL!
  3. Human Body Factivity Book: This book by Discovery Kids was so much fun.  We loved taking it to restaurants, car rides, and just sitting on the couch learning things together.  The Factivity Book comes in other topics as well including, Dinosaurs and Wild Animals.  This book is the perfect comibnation of learning PLUS activities.  My daughter loved this concept and had a great time learning interesting facts about the body, animals and dinosaurs.  We love to give a Factivity book as a birthday gift too!
  4. Discovery Kids Space Projector: My older son had a star projector in his room when he was young that he really loved.  This space projector by Discovery Kids is super cool.  The mini planetarium is easily controlled by your child who will enjoy sleeping while the projector shows different stars and planets on the wall or ceiling.  It is easy to use and the perfect gift for your budding astronaut.  It is well priced and is sure to please any planetary enthusiasts.
  5. NABI Dream Tab along with the Frozen Karaoke: This is the ultimate holiday gift.  My daughter had SO much fun singing along with the Frozen videos, holding the microphone, acting like she was Anna or Elsa. If your child does not like Karaoke (I can’t imagine that they would not ;))  you can just buy them a NABI dream tab.  This tablet is super sturdy, keeps your child safe from inappropriate websites, and has tons of learning games built in.  You can use the Tablet in Parent mode so once the kids are sleeping, type in your code and you can surf the web as you want to.  The Dream Tab runs on the Android Platform and has the Google Play store built in. Great screen size, awesome apps, safe for kids, the PERFECT Holiday gift around.
  6. Zuru Bunch o Balloons: I cannot tell you how much fun my kids had with these water balloons. You can see a quick video I made with the Zuru Bunch o Balloons here.  This is a really reasonably priced gift that will keep your child happy for hours.  No more tying knots on little water balloons, the Zuru does all the hard work for you.  Seriously, if you want to see your kids laugh and have fun, you need these water balloons in your life.
  7. Phlat Ball: The Phlat Ball is a 2 in 1 product. I love when I buy something and it has more than one use.  The Phlat Ball can be thrown like a ball or can be used like a frisbee. Neat huh?  We use this ball in our basement as it is so versatile and easy to use.  Perfect to keep kids busy on a rainy day.  You can see a video we made with the Phlat Ball here.  A Phlat Ball is so much more fun than a regular soccer ball or bouncy ball.  Your elementary school age child will love this one!
  8. The Smurfs for Nintendo DS: My daughter has inherited her older brothers old Nintendo DS. She loves to take the DS in the car with her.  This Smurfs game is “SO much fun” says the 7 year old game reviewer. Yes, she loves to watch the Smurfs on Tv and yes, she loves to play the Smurfs app on my Ipad, but there is something really fun about this DS game.  You will need a Nintendo 3DS to play this game, so buy one of those and your 5-9 year old will be really happy. There are lots of mini games to keep you busy and your job is to build and decorate the Smurf village.
  9. Sands Alive Glow Sand Starter Set: This Glow Sand is so much fun. I have caught every member of my house, kids, teens and adults playing with it and loving it.  The sand just feels so good.  It is soft, stretchy, moldable, just simple and pure imagination is in this set.  There is an added glowing part (UV glasses and pen) of this kit and my daughter loves that part as well.  We added some cookie cutters and plastic utensils to our kit and it is the perfect activity for your child when they say, “I have nothing to do!”
  10. Just Add Milk, science exploration kit: This science kit is simply wonderful.  All you need is a little bit of milk and the materials that come in the cardboard milk carton.  We did all of the projects that were included and each one was a success.  You can see a short video we made with this kit here.  Who knew that milk was such a magical liquid?  We had many great scientific discussions while learning why each of the art projects worked the way they did.  This kit is a great gift for any child who likes to explore science or art materials.
  11. Sentoshpere Magic Art Kits: It is hard to explain just how cool these magic art kits are.  Each kit comes with 4 magic art canvases, a brush, a palette and the paints.  There are also many themes you can choose from including animals, birds, butterflies, and so much more.  This project is much easier than paint by number and definitely much more fun.  The paint magically sticks to the special canvas.  It is also easier for younger children to stay in the lines. Even kids who do not like art will love these magic art kits.
  12. Felting Bakeshop: My daughter always has loved to sew.  This felting bakeshop includes all the materials you need to make the cutest fake foods.  Once you finish your foods you can turn them into hair clips, use them in a dollhouse, or serve them to your dolls at your next tea party. The Geek &Co. craft kits come in other super cute projets including pixel stitch embroidery, monster sewing, plaster sculptures, spin art, yarn storming, and spin art.  So many cute projects for the budding artist in your life.  You will not go wrong with one of these craft kits.

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