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Sometimes you need to send a sweet treat to a friend or relative far away.  You decide that you will bake some cookies, wrap them up, take them to the post office, and hope they make it there in one piece, before they are stale.  But after you think this through clearly, you decide you should leave this to a professional instead. Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies to the rescue!  Last month our family reviewed the 2 lb box of assorted cookies.  The cookies were wrapped very carefully, assuring that not even one item arrived broken or crumbled.


Not only were the cookies wrapped perfectly, they were also extremely delicious.  They tasted fresh from the oven, which is not an easy task to do when shipping delicate products like these.  A generous amount of wrap surrounded the delicate cookies.  Once we unwrapped them all, we kept them in the reusable tin.  We sampled a few different flavors of cookies and rugelach.  Each of us had our favorites.


Gimmee Jimmy’s has been open since 1983.  They have had over 30 years to perfect their recipes, and seriously these are really close to perfection.  The adults in our house liked the marble cookies best.  These cookies were soft, melted in your mouth, and tasted quite heavenly.  We bake cookies all the time at home, but you don’t realize how nice it is to get a surprise like this in the mail. No ingredients to buy, no dishes to do, and just a bit of sweet deliciousness to enjoy with your family.


So here is my daughter and her favorite cookie. She said it tasted just like a rainbow would taste, sweet and colorful.  And yes, she ate all the rainbow cookies herself.  The teenage boys all loved the M&M chocolate chip cookies.  The cinnamon and chocolate rugelach made a great breakfast for the kids.  I wish I had more photos to share of these cookies, but seriously they were eaten in less than 24 hours and all that I could photograph was an empty tin.  No crumbs were even left to eat.

Gimmee Jimmy’s cookies were started by Jimmy Libman, hence the name of the cookies!  These kosher, freshly baked cookies are made with all natural ingredients, no artificial anything.  They taste so much better than the processed stuff you can buy at any grocery store.  I can think of a million reasons that these cookies would make a good gift:

  • birthday
  • just because
  • thank you
  • new baby
  • corporate gifts
  • college care package
  • holiday gifts
  • get well soon
  • fund raising gifts
  • anniversary present
  • I miss you gifts
  • secret penpal gifts
  • wedding gift
  • teacher gift

Gimmee Jimmy’s allows you to choose which freshly baked cookies, brownies, rugelach or crumb cakes will be sent to you or your recipient.  All sweet treats are baked fresh every single day, then packaged with care and shipped to whoever you choose.  You can place an order online here, or you can call in your order at 1-844-500-1322.  And you know what is even better than the delightful cookies themselves, free shipping on your order!  There is nothing more frustrating than placing an order and then seeing that your shipping cost is the same price as the item you ordered!  You can also place an order now with a future ship date.  Do you always forget to send your Grandma a gift on her birthday in October? Do it in advance and let Gimmee Jimmy’s do all the work.

Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies the perfect gift for any occasion!

Leave me a comment after visiting the Gimmee Jimmy’s website, and tell me which treat you would like to show up in your mailbox!

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