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Willard Hotel DC is an important piece of Washington DC history.  I was invited by Fadra Nally and the Traveling Mom team to visit the hidden gem in the heart of DC.  I have lived in this area for a very long time but this was my first time visiting this famous hotel, and I cannot wait to go back for another visit.  Each space in the hotel was more beautiful than the next.  The Willard Hotel is in the most optimal location, right in the heart of DC, walking distance to all the popular attractions.  We got a full tour of the hotel and I honestly felt like a princess, being introduced to her new castle.  On our tour we saw many guest rooms as well as a former senator who tried to step into our elevator.  I encourage you to book a visit to see the magic for yourself. And don’t be afraid to bring your children with you, this month an amazing new family experience started, and I am sure that it will keep your kids quite happy!

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The guest rooms are all so elegant.  The Willard Hotel is known as the “Residence of the Presidents”, as almost all of the last 35 Presidents have stayed or visited the Willard.  If you are planning to attend the 2017 Presidential Inauguration you are not too early to book your stay.  Call 202-628-9100 to make your reservations.

The Willard has many cool spaces for guests to enjoy and one of those is the Round Robin Bar.  Since Abraham Lincoln was President, the Round Robin Bar has been serving the politicians and socialites in DC.  As you can see and hear in this video above, Henry Clay introduced the Mint Julep to Washington DC in this bar. It has since become the signature cocktail.  If you plan a visit and have the time, check out some of the portraits located on the walls of the bar, you might see Woodrow Wilson, John Philip Sousa, Buffalo Bill Cody, Calvin Coolidge, Mark Twain, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Charles Dickens and Abraham Lincoln.  The Lincoln family lived at the Willard Hotel for the two weeks before his inauguration and he held staff meetings in the hotel lobby.  When Abraham Lincoln received his first paycheck, he used it to pay his bill at the Willard, how cool is that?

Bridal Suite bathtub view: Jenny Lind Suite at Willard Hotel DC, full review at

Look at this bathtub view! This luxurious tub is part of the Jenny Lind Bridal Suite, a dream come true, right?  The rest of the suite is equally amazing, with a cherry blossom tile shower across from this bath. This suite is exquisite!

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa at the Willard Hotel, full review at

If you are visiting, make spend some time at the luxurious Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa, located right inside the hotel.  Get relaxed and ready for a night out on the town at this incredibly popular DC spa.

Willard Hotel, Cafe Du Parc, restaurant and full review at

Cafe du Parc is one of the best al fresco restaurants in DC.  Here you will find a fusion of traditional French food in a modern atmosphere, where locally grown produce and culinary creativity are highlighted.  They serve breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, dessert and the cutest Kid’s menu I have ever seen (smiley tomato soup, broccoli trees with butter, and a make your own brownie ice cream sundae are just a few examples).

Do you need a place to stay in Washington DC?  This hotel is really catering to families and making your stay as easy as possible.  So what exactly will make the Willard Hotel experience different for your family from all other hotels?

  1. Ask for what you need in advance or when you get there: Chargers, diapers, birthday card signed by the staff, child proofed room, workout clothes, books, games or videos for the kids. You name it, the Willard can probably get it for you.
  2. Book the Family Package: July 2016 is the first month for the Family Program.  Cookies for up to 2 kids upon arrival, complimentary valet parking (which can easily cost you $40/day in downtown DC), daily breakfast for 2 adults and 2 children, and a complimentary DC guidebook to enjoy optimal sightseeing.
  3. Kid Concierge Service: You will have a pre-arrival checklist and you will be checked in by Brian, the Children’s Concierge Specialist.  You will receive a Millie Mile Adventure Map (an interactive google map).  There are also weekly Willard History tours available and kid friendly restaurant options.  The Willard also has Museum partnerships with Madame Tussauds, the National Zoo, and the Smithsonian Carousel that Brian can help you with.
  4. Treats and Treasures:  There will be a treasure chest full of games, flashcards and rainy day activities.  There will also be a special children’s amenity program to recognize even the youngest guests.

What are you waiting for? Book your Family Package at the Willard today and have a great time in the Nation’s Capital.

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