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Today we spent the day at Expo East in Baltimore.  A few weeks ago I found out that I was picked to be one of the 20 Expo Bloggers this year.  It is such an honor to be chosen, thank you New Hope for choosing me! I am sharing this position with my husband, known as the KingTaste Tester, as well as my daughter, the guest blogger today.  She has her own blog called Girl Cave.  Today she is sharing her Top 8 favorite food finds from Day 1 at Expo East.  It was VERY hard to narrow down her choices to only 8 products.  Her list included over 20 amazing items, but these 8 goodies all made her palette quite happy today.  Without further ado, here are today’s winners and her top 8 items in no particular order:

  1. Pop Lab Popsicles:  These popsicles are refreshing and delicious. You would never know they are vegan and gluten free!  Diane’s favorite flavor was strawberry lemonade and coconut. I loved the dark chocolate and the king taste tester preferred the kiwi.  The pure and natural ingredients give a simple & wonderful pop! Diane says, “Eating these pops will cool you down on a hot day and will make you feel like you’re at a beach.  I love seeing chunks of my favorite fruits right inside the popsicles.” Pop Lab Popsicles found at #ExpoEast ExpoBlogger vegan popsicles. Full story at www.cookwith5kids.com
  2. MyMo Mochi:  Diane tasted almost every flavor of this Mochi covered ice cream.  She could not get enough of it.  Each small ice cream ball is covered in a thin layer of sweet mochi.  It is such an interesting taste and flavor.  You can even find these yummy treats at some Costco locations! Diane says, “These frozen ice cream balls are full of flavor and sweetness. You will want to eat as many as you can!” MyMo Mochi Ice Cream found at #ExpoEast #ExpoBlogger Full story at www.cookwith5kids.com
  3. Julie’s Organic Ice Cream: These flavors were just made a few days ago and they were rich and delicious. We have been enjoying Julie’s Organic ice cream sandwiches for years.  Now you will be able to buy the quart containers too!  Great new rebranding and packaging on these ice creams, yum! Catch them in stores next summer.  Diane says, ” I am not sure I can wait until summer to taste this ice cream again!  So good!” img_1522
  4. Annie’s Organic Chocolate Mint Grabbit cookies: Annie’s Organic has created a healthier alternative to a mint oreo cookie. This cookie was not too sweet, and just slightly minty. Diane describes it as the perfect dessert!  These cookies had a nice refreshing mint aftertaste. Diane says, “These mint cookies are so much better than Oreos, and healthier too! Stop buying oreos and buy these instead!” Annie's Organic Chocolate Mint Grabbits found at #ExpoEast #ExpoBlogger Full story at www.cookwith5kids
  5. Way Better Nacho Cheese chips: We all want to have chips that are way better for us.  These indulgent chips are made from sprouted grains and are deliciously addictive.  Since the ingredients are clean and healthy, you won’t mind so much when your kids eat the whole bag.  Diane’s favorite flavor was the Nacho Cheese, but the brand new Chipotle Barbeque Sweet Potato was a very close second.  Diane wishes that every bag of chips was this big! Diane might or might not have eaten 3 bags of these chips and says, ” Your kids will love these very crunchy, cheesy and delicious chips.” She wants you to switch from bad Doritos and start to buy these chips that are better for your kids! Way Better Nacho Chips, from #ExpoEast ExpoBlogger Full story at www.cookwith5kids.com
  6. Thrive Tribe chocolate mint cookies:  These cookies were subtle in their sweetness and their mint flavoring.  They were nutritious and delicious which is a perfect combination.  It was hard to believe that these cookies are paleo, vegan and gluten free!  These grain free goodies are so healthy you won’t mind having two or three! Diane says, “These cookies are great for gluten free kids or even if you are not. You will not even notice that they are without grains!” Thrive Tribe Mint Chocolate Vegan Gluten free cookies, from #ExpoEast ExpoBlogger Full story at www.cookwith5kids.com
  7. Smash Mallow marshmallows: These premium snackable marshmallows come in so many cute flavors.  Diane could not choose which flavor was best so she tried them all.  These gluten free goodies are soft, sweet and scrumptious.  Diane’s favorite flavor was Root Beer Float with Cinnamon Churro as a close second.  “They are easy to break apart and share with a friend”, says Diane.  Diane loved all the creative flavors that they created. Smash Mallows marshmallows from Expo East. #ExpoBlogger Full story at www.cookwith5kids.com
  8. Pop corners Mini Double Up Fudge:  We have been fans of Pop Corners for years.  The kids love the butter, white cheddar, and kettle corn flavors.  They have recently rebranded to the Our Little Rebellion line.  For the holidays they have a new flavor called the Mini Double Up Fudge chips.  Each small chip has a small drizzle of chocolate over it.  They are slightly sweet and totally addictive and delectable.  Diane says, “The chocolate on top makes these chips a crazy combo in your mouth.  It is hard for me to decide if it is a chip or a dessert but I love every bite!”

Our Little Rebellion from Expo East. #ExpoBlogger Full story at www.cookwith5kids.com

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