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Elementary Aged Kids Gift Guide. Full story at

Younger children can be difficult to buy gifts for! Children in grades K-6 need some great gifts this year and we have 6 perfect suggestions for you. Elementary school age kids want the newest technology like their older siblings, but parents and relatives often prefer to buy non-technology related gifts. We have spent the past year testing many toys, products and items that are aimed at elementary school aged children. All of these recommendations would be perfect for kids ages 5 and up. This gift guide for elementary school age kids includes some unique suggestions you might not have thought of. We will be covering technology related gifts for kids in a separate post. These old fashioned gifts will make any child very happy!

Gift Guide for Elementary School Age Kids:

1.Janie Bee Nap Mat/ Sleeping Bag: Our mini-blogger is so in love with her Janie Bee Mat. It is the softest most luxurious material you can find. You usually do not think of a sleeping bag as a place you would like to rest your head. Janie Bee makes nap mats, lunchboxes, blankets, and so much more. They take custom orders as well. Your child will fall in love with anything you choose from Janie Bee. Our sleeping bag has a built in pillow and rolls right up for travel. You can even get your child’s name embroidered on it. Each product is handmade  and stitched in Georgia and would be the most amazing gift for any child. Many nights the mini-blogger reads on her mat and falls asleep. I really wish they made these in adult sizes!

2.Real Cooking Sets: Real Cooking sets are super fun gifts for kids who want to cook all by themselves. These kits include all the ingredients and tools you would need to make cupcakes, cookies or cake pops. Our mini-blogger loves to cook in the kitchen, but she cannot make recipes completely by herself. When a friend came over they tried the cupcake kit and had the best time! No needing to ask parents for any more help than using the oven. The girls also said the cupcakes were really delicious. The cupcake kit comes with a super fun, egg cracking device that makes cracking eggs easier. It is a very helpful and fun device that helps kids crack eggs without getting eggshells in their recipes. You can find the cupcake kit on Amazon here:Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Set – 37 Pc. Kit Includes Sprinkles, Cake & Frosting Mix if your child likes cookies better, you can also find the cookie making kit here: Real Cooking Deluxe Cookie Baking Set – 25 Pc. Kit Includes Sprinkles, Candy, and Mixes and lastly they also have a cake pop set here: Real Cooking Cake Pops & Cones Baking Set – 15 Pc. Cake Mix, Sprinkles & Candy Included These are all fun options especially if your child wants to have small size utensils for future cooking projects!

3.Animal Atlas: This hardcover animal atlas from Animal Planet is such a great gift for your little animal lover. Your child will learn so much from this book. It is divided into biomes and continents. I learned a lot from reading this book with my daughter. The photographs are gorgeous and you will learn many interesting facts while reading it. We read a few pages every night and we highly recommend it to all other children. You can find this book on Amazon here: Animal Planet Animal Atlas

4.Extraordinaires: This gift is perfect for a creative child who enjoys exploring their imagination and creativity. This kit was created by the same team that designed Rory’s Story Cubes which is a super fun game for kids that uses their imagination to create a story. The Extraordinaires comes packaged in a cute fold up box. This imagination and creativity kit invites your child to choose one person and one utensil that they will need. We have been playing with this kit for months and I think we have done all the cards multiple times. Your child’s imagination helps them come up with new ideas to draw every time. This has been a fun kit to take in the car on road trips since it all neatly packages into one box.  You can find it on Amazon here: The Extraordinaires Design Studio Deluxe Edition Game, Aqua Blue

5.Hamster in A House: These hamsters are the newest craze, similar to the old Zhu Zhu pets, but much cuter. These tiny hamsters race around their house and your child can play with them and use their imagination. Every child who comes over to our house falls in love with these cute hamsters. The hamsters can come with accessories and other houses and cars. They are very small and also good for travel. You can find them on Amazon here: Zuru Ultimate Hamster House Playset

6.Little Passports Gift Subscription: Little Passport is one of the best gifts you can give to your child. Your child will learn more about the world in a very special way. Once a month he will receive a package addressed to him, with an in depth focus on two states in the US. In the welcome package he will get a passport and then be transported once a month to learn more about all the wonderful states in the US, sign up for Little Passports here: give the gift of adventure . If geography is not your thing, there is also a monthly science kit here: Science Expeditions

All of these items were sent to us so that we could review them. There are many toys that did not make this list. All opinions are 100% our own. You can see the Hamster in A House video as well as the JanieBee video below.

Elementary Aged Kids Gift Guide. Full story at

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