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Buying gifts for the men in your life can be a difficult job. How many ties or socks do men need? We extensively tested all of the products that we are recommending today. These men’s gifts are not typically considered gifts for men, but the men in our family loved them all. I hope you will visit all the other gift guides we shared this year. We have gifts for recommendations for everyone on your list.

Men’s Gift Guide:

    1. Monat Black Hair System: The Monat Black Hair System is the perfect blend of products to give your man a perfect morning routine. Monat products look cool and sleek, but it’s what is inside the containers that is important. You will not find any chemicals or harsh ingredients. Your man’s skin will be smoother after every shave, and his hair will be stronger and grow faster. The 4 items we tested were the shave cream, shampoo and conditioner, styling cream and aftershave and moisturizer. Our teen loved the shampoo and styling cream so much that when he ran out he asked for more for his birthday! You need to think about the products you use on your body and realize that the ingredients are of utmost importance. My husband and all of my boys loved the Monat Black system equally. There might have even been a few fights over the last bottle. These products smell great and appeal to males from teens to adult!
    2. Arctic Instant Cooling Polo Shirt: Men typically sweat a lot. The Arctic Cool Company came up with shirts that look like a regular polo shirt, but are made from a special material that keeps the sweat away from the body. As soon as the body starts sweating, the shirt’s material chills the body to keep it feeling cool. My family of sweaty boys have put this shirt to the test and it really makes them feel cooler on a sweaty day. The shirt looks like a normal polo shirt, you cannot see the magic that happens inside the threads. You can find it on Amazon here: Arctic Cool Men’s Instant Cooling Polo, X-Large
    3. This extensive website contains gift baskets for everyone on your gift list. I found great options for the men in my life. Your basket can include candy, beer, BBQ and sauces, gourmet, nuts, gluten free, kosher, soup, organic foods, coffee, tea, cookies, and so much more! Check out the extensive list of baskets that they can put together for the men and women in your life. Our basket came beautifully wrapped and in two days. When you do not know what to buy, a gift basket can make a perfect gift!
    4. Stargazer Barn: We have been huge fans of Stargazer Barn since our first floral arrangement that we experienced over a year ago. The exquisite flowers came so beautifully wrapped and brightened our home for weeks. You can read all about our Valentine’s Day flower experience here. If you want to send a gift that the men in your life will never forget, send them an arrangement from Stargazer Barn. You can send just flowers, or add in wine from their own orchards, or include the most delicious chocolate we have ever tasted. Make it a longer lasting gift and choose a Stargazer club monthly flower and wine delivery.
    5. Essio Aromatherapy Shower Spa: Does your man wake up feeling stressed or tired? He might benefit from the Essio Aromatherapy shower spa system for his gift this year. This device easily attaches to any showerhead and provides calming oils during the shower. You can also choose from other oils which can wake you up, give you more wisdom, help you focus, help you fall asleep, clear your nasal passages, or even make you feel more passionate. This unique gift is sure to make every shower more memorable and enjoyable.

What gifts are you getting the men in your life this year?

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