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Do you know what to put in your Easter Basket this year? Many of the typical candy and treats you put into your Easter basket last year contain some harmful ingredients. This year you can do much better. Create a better Easter basket by carefully choosing some healthier brands and fill your basket with better options. If you need help finding some healthier treats you are in the right place. All of the products featured in this post can be found at your local Whole Foods Market. Click here to find the location that is closest to you!

What should you include in a better Easter basket?

The ideal basket should include candy that has NO artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners. When you are shopping at a store like Whole Foods Market you can be confident that all of the items you buy are safe. Not only are the ingredients better in these products, but you can also find an excellent selection of gluten free, nut free, and vegan treats. Your basket can include candy and non-candy items.

How to create a better Easter basket at Whole Foods

Recommended candy:

  1. Surf Sweets Jelly beans and many more gummy options. Surf sweets is an organically sweetened candy brand that tastes great without all the artificial ingredients and is also safe from the top 10 allergens. We recommend the jelly beans, sour gummies, and gummy bears.
  2. Marich Caramel Robin Eggs: These adorable chocolate eggs look just like speckled robin’s eggs. These eggs taste incredibly delicious too. The crunchy outside of each egg yields to a soft chocolate caramel filling. Marich chocolate is sourced from Ecuador and is free from artificial ingredients.
  3. Lake Champlain chocolates are sold year round at Whole Food Market. But for Easter they carry the cutest bunnies that will certainly look adorable in your better Easter basket. These fresh all natural chocolates from Vermont are some of the best I have ever tasted. Lake Champlain has also earned a Fair for life certification.
  4. Allens scottish shortbread comes in a super cute bunny box for Easter. This locally hand made shortbread is made right here in Virginia. This family owned and operated company makes the best shortbread cookies, not too sweet, and perfectly rich and decadent. The bunny box with the story of the Rabbit’s tale on the back is a perfect basket addition.
  5. Glee Gum is always a great Easter basket filler and a perfect healthy gum alternative. Most gums are filled with many ingredients and sweeteners you do not want your children to have. Glee gum tastes delicious and is a perfect basket treat. Glee gum is nonGMO and Fair Trade. It is also gluten free and comes in sugar and sugarless versions. Glee gum is also free of the top 8 allergens.
  6. Long Grove Confectionery Co. makes the two adorable big chocolate bunny and sheep in the photo above. Everyone would love a chocolate from this Illinois based candy kitchen that has been in business over 40 years. Long Grove is known for delicious candy treats, their attention to detail, and their creative packaging.
  7. Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Fruit Snacks are the perfect Easter basket snack! Annie’s products are totally expanding in our grocery stores and this is great news for people who enjoy eating better foods. Not only are Annie’s products better for you, they are a very socially conscious company as well. You can visit this post and learn about the Annie’s crescent rolls that help create a delicious appetizer. Annie’s bunny shaped fruit snacks are a lovely Easter basket addition.

How to create a better Easter basket at Whole Foods

Recommended Non-Candy items:

  1. Melissa and Doug Bunny Rabbit: This rabbit is such a cute non-candy Easter Basket gift. It is soft and cuddly and a perfect size for little hands. A soft stuffed animal is a great way to fill your basket without adding more sugar.
  2. Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Bollie Bubbles: These bubbles are a very cute non-candy basket filler. The container is bright and cheerful. The bubbles inside are really great for blowing outside and enjoying in the warmer weather. Younger children might like bubbles even more than candy.
  3. Color Kitchen Easter Egg Kit: This Easter egg decorating kit is filled with plant based colors. This kit creates vibrant colored eggs in a rainbow of colors. Decorate your eggs with colors from nature this year.

How to create a better Easter basket at Whole Foods

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Disclosure: I have a partnership with Whole Foods Market and was compensated for my work. All words and opinions are 100% my own.

How to build a better Easter Basket.

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