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Healthy Snacks to get you ready for vacation

We all want to get our bikini body ready, right? Our house is fully stocked with lots of healthy snacks. If you do not buy junk food your family cannot eat it. Simple concept to follow really. When we snack we try to make sure it is always a healthy choice. We carefully check all ingredients and only eat those snacks that pass strict guidelines. Today I am sharing 10 snacks that we have enjoyed this year. These healthy snacks are guaranteed to get you ready for vacation. Just don’t eat too many of them, ok?

  1. New Pop Popcorn: This skinless popcorn is so delicious. Since the skin is removed, no sticky parts get stuck in your teeth. It tastes very different than regular popcorn, and in our opinion it is much better! It is popped under high pressure so it can keep all the nutrients inside. It is 100% natural, nonGMO, vegan and gluten free. It comes in 3 delicious flavors, Original, Hot and Sweet, and Sweet Cinnamon. One serving is 32 calories, 4 grams of fiber and 1.4 grams of protein.
  2. Karma Wellness Water: This water is a family favorite. Karma has transformed water into digestive health. Each bottle has 2 grams of sugar and is full of vitamins and probiotics. You push down on the top to release the vitamins and when they mix into the bottle there is a beautiful swirl of color. Not only are these drinks fun to consume, they taste delicious! Karma wellness water is nonGMO, vegan, and gluten free and lactose free. Karma wellness water comes in 6 delicious flavors, each with a different health goal.
  3. Wella Bars: These nut based protein bars are sold in the refrigerator. When I do not have time for lunch I grab one of these bars and I am good to go for the day. What a lifesaver these bars are! This fresh snack tastes rich and addictive. They remind me of the peanut butter candies I used to make when I was young. Each bar has between 8 and 14 grams of protein. These bars are organic, nonGMO, and soy free.
  4. New Primal Snack Mates for kids: These snacks are mini beef or turkey jerky that are aimed at kids but great for adults too. Each mini 1/2oz. stick is 7 grams of protein and made with meat that is antibiotic and hormone free. Each paleo friendly snack mate is gluten free and minimally processed. This snack is perfect to tuck in your purse for a high protein burst of energy.
  5. Yves Veggie Snacks: Yves makes the best vegan and vegetarian substitutes. We recently tried their kale and quinoa bites, which look like mini meatballs. I heated them with some spaghetti and sauce and the kids gobbled them up. These bites are packed with veggies and are a great source of vitamins too. Yves has a huge line of products including falafel, pepperoni, sandwich “meat” and “ground beef”. We love this type of fake meat with delicious meat flavor but none of the harmful ingredients.
  6. Natural Sins fruit snacks: Made in Costa Rica, Natural Sins fruit snacks look like a potato chip but taste like something unique and different. These super thin and crispy treats almost melt in your mouth. Warning: they are quite addictive. We loved the pineapple and coconut flavors best. The other two flavors are beet and mango. This snack is gluten free and vegan.
  7. Coco-Roons: These bite sized macaroon type cookies are the original superfood snack. They are organic, vegan, gluten free, and NonGMO. They are also refined sugar free! We tried the chocolate chip and the salted caramel flavor and they were so good! There are 6 other flavors as well. These cookies are a great indulgence of healthy ingredients.
  8. Zest Tea: A hot drink is a great way to curb a snack craving. We love our coffee but sometimes you just need something different. Zest Tea to the rescue! This tea is high octane and energizes us just as much as coffee does. The flavors are delicious: pomegranate mojito, blue lady, cinnamon apple, and earl grey. Each sachet contains as much caffeine as 1 cup of coffee, but none of the coffee side effects like jitters or crashes. We love the Earl Grey flavor the best. Try a cup of zest tea next time you want a snack.
  9. Crazy Go Nuts: This superfood snack is SO delicious. These walnuts are covered in flavorings which turn this healthy nut into the most delicious nugget of flavor. Oatmeal cookie is our favorite flavor. Be careful, these little gourmet snacks can be caloric if you eat too many. Want to live on the wild side? Try the garlic parmesan or buffalo flavor.
  10. Greater Than sports drinks and KRA : Sports drinks and electrolytes are so important for my boys with an auto-immune illness. They have switched from Gatorade and Powerade to these two sports drinks which are so much better for them. Both of these drinks are made from all natural ingredients gives them energy when they need it, without all the harmful chemicals. Greater than is coconut water based, NonGMO, gluten free, and comes in three flavors. Each carton has 10 grams of sugar and 50 calories. KRA comes in four flavors and is organic, gluten free, and made from organic juices.

What healthy snacks are you eating to get ready for vacation?

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