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Mom does not need another mug that says “World’s Best Mom”. If you already bought a mug, Mom will hug you, thank you, and put the mug in the cabinet along with the other 20 mugs that she already owns. Now is the time to get creative and think outside the box. I am sharing with you some really unique Mother’s day gift ideas that your Mom will enjoy. These unique Mother’s Day gifts will make you look creative, smart, and you will probably be named the best child of the family. You can send me a thank you gift later.

5 Unique Gifts for Mother’s Day:

  1. Nudo Olive Oil Adoption Subscription Service: Ask your Mom to find her old family recipes and then try them with this delicious Nudo olive oil. Nudo cold pressed extra virgin olive oil will elevate all of your Mom’s favorite recipes. Nudo’s high quality artisanal olive oil will bring your family together in the kitchen. This gift will help create memories for your family. The Nudo Adopts Famiglia Gift Box contains matching aprons for a parent and child plus two types of decadent olive oil, one for adults and one specially formulated for kids (with a milder flavor palate). With Nudo Adopt you will “adopt” an olive tree from one of seven Italian groves and receive personal shipments of beautifully packaged olive oil from your tree. Not only is this a great Mother’s Day gift, you will be doing a good deed. When you adopt an olive tree you are helping to protect the artisanal forests in the Italian countryside. Gifts start at only $79 and are perfect for foodies, travel lovers, and anyone who enjoys cooking.
  2. Harney & Sons tea: My Mom and I both enjoy a nice cup of tea. Harney & Sons has the most delicious tea flavors we have ever tried. These teas come in beautiful tins that look great on your kitchen counter. After you use all the tea inside, turn your tin into an elegant utensil holder! These sachets brew such a nice cup of tea in your favorite mug. Our favorite flavors are Paris and Peppermint and you can find them here on Amazon. If you really want to splurge on Mom’s gift, buy her a trip to London to an exclusive British tea tour in September. You can read all the details here.
  3. Live Clean Beauty Products: We love to find natural beauty products that are safe for our family to use. Not only do we try to eat healthy, we try to use health and beauty products that will not harm our bodies as well. Safe beauty products do not always work very well. The Live Clean line is exceptional and wonderful. These products work, keep us healthy, all while being an eco-friendly and better choice for the environment. These hair, hand, body, and baby products are mild enough for my daughter’s eczema, while keeping this Mom feeling clean and fresh. The entire line is wonderful, but the Live Clean Fresh Water hydrating shampoo is my absolute favorite.
  4. Kanex GoPower Watch: My Mom loves her Apple Watch and cannot live without it. But finding a good way to charge the watch, especially while on vacation, has been a problem until now. The new GoPower Watch charger is small and extremely powerful. Charge this device once and you have a cordless and portable charging solution for your Apple Watch AND your iPhone. This product is a must have for the Mom who likes to travel with her Apple products. You can buy the GoPower Watch on Amazon here.
  5. Ellia aroma diffuser: Does your Mom enjoy essential oils? We recently tried the Ellia aroma diffuser in my son’s room and it is really helping him with his headaches and also with his concentration in his classes. This diffuser has optional colored lights, sounds, and can continually mist a spray, or send up a mist every 30 seconds. A small remote control also comes with this diffuser, which is nice when you want to shut it off before going to sleep. We have found that a bit of peppermint oil can really work to relieve headache symptoms. Mom will be getting this surprise for Mother’s Day this year. You can find this diffuser on Amazon here.

What unique Mother’s Day gift are you buying this year? Share yours in the comments below.

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