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Mother's Day Giveaway via Cookwith5kids @cookwith5kids mom blog

Welcome to the best Mother’s Day Giveaway on the web, featuring over $1300 in prizes. All of these prizes were invented by Moms. As a Mom to five kids, I have thought of many inventions over the years, but I have never taken the leap and actually developed one of my inventions. Last week I posted 5 unique gifts your Mom would love since Mother’s Day is right around the bend. Have you heard the saying, necessity is the mother of invention? In this giveaway, each invention was created because a Mom needed a product she could not find for sale in the marketplace. Many of these products resulted from the realization that a product Mom needed was not available. Each Mom inventor knew that if she could not find something she needed, she should just invent it herself!

Many of these prizes are award winners and have been featured on Shark Tank, The Today Show, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepeneur, Forbes and more. One lucky Mom will win the entire giveaway, one of each prize. Please visit each of these sponsors and check out their invention. If you are not the winner, don’t hesitate on purchasing some of these products, as the posted discount codes will not last long.


Mom Inventor: Sara Sweeney

Visit Website

Prize: Trufora 7 Piece Complete Anti-Aging System

ARV: $290.00

buy Trufora here ==> #MothersDay #beauty #giveaway #sweeps #gifts #skincare

Description: Trufora goes beyond anti-aging to achieve beautiful, healthy and balanced skin with a completely new approach to Dermatologist developed skincare designed for all skin types and all ethnicities.

Trufora uses only the highest quality, scientifically advanced, effective, safe and non-irritating ingredients at concentrations that reveal beautiful skin – quickly.

Feel the Trufora difference at the first use, and see the Trufora within the first weeks of use. Beautiful, healthy and youthful skin is achieved without irritation and without compromising your health, your social conscience or your environmental conscience. Effective, Ethical Skincare™



Mom Inventor: Mia van Beek

Visit Website FREE engraving value $10 code: FREE17engrav

Prize: Sterling silver charm from your own kid’s art!

ARV: $159.00

Turn your child's artwork into custom made jewelry! Perfect for #gifts! #giveaway #MothersDay #sweeps

Description: We capture the detail and warmth of your child’s drawing in a stunning handmade sterling silver charm!


Mom Inventor: Amy Baxter

Visit Buzzy Website

Visit VibraCool Website

Prizes: Buzzy and VibraCool

Total ARV: $149.90

As seen on Shark Tank buy your Buzzy here ==> #giveaway #sweeps #MothersDay As seen on Shark Tank buy your Buzzy here ==> #giveaway #sweeps #MothersDay

Description: Buzzy XL LadyBuzz ($59.95) – The Buzzy XL Personal is a versatile device that is recommended for all needle procedures. Research shows that high frequency vibration can help healing, and putting cold on pain is as old as ice itself! The Buzzy XL Personal can be secured around aching knees, elbows, ankles and wrists. For lower back, neck and shoulder pain, the XL can be pressed in place by hand, tucked under clothing, or secured inside a waist band.

Complete Buzzy XL Personal Kit includes: 1 Buzzy XL Personal, 2 Universal Soft Ice Wings, 1 Hands-free Strap, 2 AAA Batteries and Instructions.
Perfect for soothing muscles and athletic injuries: buy here ==> #giveaway #sweeps #mothersday Perfect for soothing muscles and athletic injuries: buy here ==> #giveaway #sweeps #mothersday
VibraCool ($89.95) – VibraCool® combines two physiologic pain relievers – high frequency vibration and ice – to combat pain. Vibration massages muscles and improves blood flow while ice decreases pain, swelling, and inflammation. Together, ice and vibration have physiologic synergy.
Created by a physician, VibraCool® is a clinically proven, FDA 510K cleared device indicated to relieve tendinitis and muscular pain. High frequency vibration improves effectiveness of icing for medical or sports applications. Place VibraCool® directly where it hurts for temporary relief from joint pain, general aches and injuries.

Includes compact VibraCool® with 10 minute shut off feature, newly designed ice packs, and a neoprene compression strap to hold your VibraCool® in place during activity!




Mom Inventor: Jennifer Labit

Visit Website Free Neutral Stripe bumGenius 4.0 cloth diaper with $75 purchase. Taxes extra. Online only. Add Neutral Stripe bumGenius 4.0 to cart and enter coupon code: WHYNOTMOM at checkout to redeem.

Prizes: bumGenius Cloth Diaper Kit:
2-pack bumGenius Elemental All-In-One Cloth Diapers
bumGenius Flannel Wipes
bumGenius Bottom Cleaner
MilkDaze Nursing & Teething Necklace & Bangle

ARV: $100.79

CottonBabies Bumgenius products can be purchased here ==> #babyshower #MothersDay #givaway #sweeps

Description: NEW! bumGenius Elemental One-Size Cloth Diaper: Organic, natural fibers next to your baby’s bottom: It’s elemental! Our newly improved, one-size, one-piece diaper features multiple layers of luxuriously soft, 100% organic cotton, making it the ideal, natural solution that doesn’t compromise performance.

MilkDaze Nursing and Teething Jewelry is a baby-friendly accessory for mom. These trendy necklaces and bangles not only keep mama stylish, but are safe and soft for your baby’s tender gums and a wonderful sensory tool to help your little one focus while feeding.

bumGenius Flannel Wipes are an inexpensive way to clean baby’s bottom. Reusable, natural and unbleached, these soft baby wipes are gentle on baby’s skin. Use them for diapering, hand wipes and runny noses.

Our bumGenius Bottom Cleaner is a fresh and natural spray that gently cleans your baby’s bum. Spray on, wipe off. The new formula is 100% natural and soothing to sore skin. The light, clementine scent cuts down on inevitable odors present during diaper changes. Recommended for use with bumGenius™ Flannel Baby Wipes for a natural, cost-saving alternative to disposable wipes. You can also use bumGenius Bottom Cleaner to boost the effectiveness of your disposable wipes. Helpful when cleaning up toddler accidents or as a personal cleanser for parents.


Mom Inventor: Keri Fosse

Visit Website Use Discount code whynotmom for 10% off!

Prize: Lalabu Soothe Shirt

ARV: $75.00

Lalabu Soothe Shirt for baby wearing can be purchased here ==> #babywearing #babyshower #mothersday #giveaway #sweeps

Description: The Lalabu Soothe Shirt® is a stylish and innovative all-in-one baby-wearing shirt that is both a nursing tank for mom and a cozy carrying pouch for baby! — made in the USA.

Lalabu Soothe Shirt for baby wearing can be purchased here ==> #babywearing #babyshower #mothersday #giveaway #sweeps


Mom Inventor: Pazit BenEzri

Visit Website

Prize: Lulyzoo Toddler Lounge

ARV: $69.99

Lulyzoo Toddler Lounge Ladybug can be found here ==> #babyshower #mothersday #gift #giveaway #sweeps

Description: The Lulyzoo Toddler Lounge provides toddlers with a cozy place to sleep and play, as well a plush pet for friendship on-the-go. The folding backpack design allows you to inspire imagination everywhere you go. Our signature lightweight, folding backpack design makes the Lulyzoo collection the perfect friend to take on any journey. With a removable, machine washable cover, the Lulyzoo pal can handle baby’s playful, and messy, side.


Mom Inventor: Russie Jones

Visit Website 25% off everything on our site with promo code Whynotmom

Prize: LampAngel Decorative Emergency Lighting

ARV: $69.99

LampAngel decorative emergency lighting can be purchased online here ==> or on Amazon here ==>

Description: LampAngel, a table lamp every day, has a shatter resistant acrylic body that lights up with 16 different colors, controlled by a remote control. It also has 4 pre-set modes for a dazzling light display or simply choose your favorite color as a nightlight to lull you to sleep. The base of the lamp has a USB port that charges your electronics both with and without AC power letting you stay connected to family and friends all the time! The body of the lamp contains 20 high power LEDs that come on instantly and automatically with no human interaction required and stays lit for up to 16 hours providing security and safe mobility for you and your family.

LampAngel decorative emergency lighting can be purchased online here ==> or on Amazon here ==>



Mom Inventor: Shannon Davis

Visit Website Use WYMOM for 20% off the Green Little Balance Box

Prize: Little Balance Box

ARV: $69.95

Little Balance box can be purchased here: ==> #giveaway #sweeps #mothersday #babyshower Little Balance box can be purchased here: ==> #giveaway #sweeps #mothersday #babyshower

Description: The Little Balance Box™ maximizes stability and develops balance during transitions from kneeling to standing and moves with your child across various surfaces such as carpet, tile, and wood. The Little Balance Box™ makes a great toddler table, allowing the child to access the tabletop surface in sitting or standing. The clear top surface has a great work space with the easy to clean top and rounded boarder to contain all the goodies!




Mom Inventor: Susan Gold

Visit Website 37.8% off code: vyve

Prize: vyve Splashpants

ARV: $64.00

Purchase SplashPants here #fitness #athlete #mothersday #giveaway #sweeps Purchase SplashPants here #fitness #athlete #mothersday #giveaway #sweeps

Description: A versatile capri that works in all things water for the mom on the go! Go for a run and then take the kids to a water park. Hike to a waterfall, ride a zipline or walk the beach in our Splashpants and then stroll down Main Street in comfort and ease! Tri-athletes LOVE them!



Mom Inventor: Maria Bailey

Visit Mother Nurture Website

Visit Premama Website

Visit SmartMom Solutions


Mother Nurture chocolate truffles and enhanced waters.
Smart Mom Solutions

ARV: $50.00 Purchase Premama line of products here: ==> #MothersDay #prenatal #pregnancy #nutrition #babyshower #giveaway #sweeps


Description: Mother Nurture: Nutrition for mom and baby – a treat for mom. Mother Nurture products contain essential prenatal nutrients that are delicious and indulgent.
Premama: Premama® was born from the idea that daily prenatal essentials and maternity supplements should be easy to take and easy on the stomach. Complete maternity wellness before, during and after pregnancy.
Smart Mom Solutions: Smart Mom Solutions strives to provide moms with solutions to everyday challenges and chores. Whether it’s finding the latest product to make a mom’s life easier or saving time in the morning to write a note to your child’s teacher, Smart Mom has created a solution.
Purchase Mother Nurture line of products here: ==> #MothersDay #prenatal #pregnancy #nutrition #babyshower #giveaway #sweeps Smart Mom Solutions can be purchased online here: and here: ==>


Mom Inventor: Stacy Harfert

Visit Website 15% WhyNotMom

Prize: Bobee Party Decor

ARV: $35.00

Shop Bobee Party supplies and lanterns here: ==> #party #birthday #decor #giveaway #sweeps #mothersday Shop Bobee Party supplies and lanterns here: ==> #party #birthday #decor #giveaway #sweeps #mothersday

Description: Bobee custom designs and prints paper lantern and garland banner party decorations. Winner will receive a $35 gift certificate to our website to shop our party decorations.




Mom Inventor: Lisa Cash Hanson

Visit Website

Prize: Snuggwugg Interactive Pillow

ARV: $35.00

Snugwugg Interactive baby and toddler pillow can be purchased here ==> #babyshower #gifts #mothersday

Description: *As seen on Steve Harvey: Snuggwugg makes diaper changes easy & fun. Attach favorite tether or toy. Great for travel ,tummy time & shopping carts too! Snugwugg Interactive baby and toddler pillow can be purchased here ==> #babyshower #gifts #mothersday




Mom Inventor: Megan Gage

Visit Website Discount code: WHYNOTMOM for 15% off

Prize: Hot Tot 8 oz. Shampoo & Conditioner set.

ARV: $29.00

Hot Tot Line hair care line can be purchased here: ==> #haircare #nontoxichaircare #beauty #babyshower #mothersday #giveawy #sweeps

Description: The Hot Tot collection marks a new day in hairdressing as the latest innovation in specialty haircare. Designed for the unique structure of children’s strands, Hot Tot celebrates style by providing professional hair products for a new generation.

Hot Tot Line hair care line can be purchased here: ==> #haircare #nontoxichaircare #beauty #babyshower #mothersday #giveawy #sweeps


Mom Inventor: Regan Kelaher & Shannon Zappala

Visit Website

Prize: a GOVERRE glass

ARV: $24.00

GOVERRE portable spillproof wine glass can be purchased here: #picnic #mothersday #wine #gift #sweeps

Description: *As seen on Shark Tank! GOVERRE is a GLASS, portable, stemless wine glass with a silicone sleeve and drink-through lid. With GOVERRE, you can now bring your favorite glass of wine with you!
GOVERRE portable spillproof wine glass can be purchased here: #picnic #mothersday #wine #gift #sweeps


Mom Inventor: Tara Darnley

Visit Website 10% discount- Code: whynotmom

Prize: Yummy Mitt® Teething Mitten

ARV: $19.99

YummyMitt Teething Mitten can be purchased here: ==> #babyshower #gifts #mothersday #giveaway #sweeps YummyMitt Teething Mitten can be purchased here: ==> #babyshower #gifts #mothersday #giveaway #sweeps

Description: The Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten is functional, stylish & modern all in one and geared to infants 3-12 months. Designed Ergonomically to replicate the natural feel and look of an infant’s hand. Secures to baby’s hand, allowing an infant to provide teething relief to him/herself while simultaneously preventing gagging, the need for a constant parental assistance and dropping of teether.




Mom Inventor: Romy Taormina

Visit Website

Prize: Psi Bands

ARV: $15.00

Mother's Day Giveaway via Cookwith5kids @cookwith5kids mom blog

Description: *As seen on Shark Tank! Psi Bands are acupressure wrist bands for the relief of nausea due to morning sickness, motion/travel sickness, anesthesia and chemotherapy. They are stylish, affordable, drug-free, waterproof, adjustable for personalized comfort and fit, and reusable.




Mom Inventor: Katrin De Haen

Visit Website

Prize: Dip into Pretty® Pedi Spacers

ARV: $12.99

Buy your Dip into Pretty Pedicure spacers here: ==> #beauty #pedicure #nailpolish #nailart #mothersday #gifts #giveaway #sweeps Buy your Dip into Pretty Pedicure spacers here: ==> #beauty #pedicure #nailpolish #nailart #mothersday #gifts #giveaway #sweeps

Description: Dip into Pretty® creates cushioned and comfortable silicone, patent-pending, individual toe separators with a variety of unique designs to fit your mood and personality. With Dip into Pretty®, you can make your toes even more beautiful, and there’s no more need to wait around for your pedicure to dry. You’ll be up and about right away, enjoying the view of your newly dazzling fabulous feet.



Mom Inventor: Melanie Miller

Visit Website

Prize: Blowout Blocker
Soaker Stopper

ARV: $12.95

Purchase Blowout Blocker here ==> #MothersDay #Babyshower #gifts #sweeps #giveaway Purchase Blowout Blocker here ==> #MothersDay #Babyshower #gifts #sweeps #giveaway

Description: Blowout Blocker – Soft, absorbent and reusable, the Blowout Blocker acts as a diaper extension to contain diaper blowouts for fast, easy and stress free cleanup. Stay protected from blowouts while at home and on the go. Perfect for airplane trips, car rides, trips to the store, special events, picture day or every day!

Soaker Stopper – Soft, absorbent and reusable, the Soaker Stopper acts as a diaper extension to absorb leaks that escape from the front and sides of the diaper, keeping baby and bedding dry. It is made of entirely breathable fabrics and has an adjustable waist to keep baby comfortable. The Soaker Stopper is intended for nighttime use to prevent waking up to a soaking wet baby!


Mom Inventor: Rozalynn Goodwin

Visit Website 20% off WHYNOTMOM20

Prize: GaBBY Bows

ARV: $10.00

GaBBY Bows are barettes that won't disappear! Purchase here: ==> #kidinvented #mominvented #giveaway #sweeps #mothersday #hairstyle #kidhairstyles #beauty

Description: Finally! A barrette that won’t disappear! The Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette by GaBBY. Invented by a seven year old and her mom! NO MORE LOST BOWS!

GaBBY Bows are barettes that won't disappear! Purchase here: ==> #kidinvented #mominvented #giveaway #sweeps #mothersday #hairstyle #kidhairstyles #beauty


Mother’s Day Giveaway: Enter Now!

Are you ready to enter for a chance to win all of the AMAZING prizes above?
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Its the MOTHER of all Mother’s Day Giveaway! Over $1300 in Mom Invented products! #WhyNotMomGiveaway

It's the MOTHER of all #MothersDay #giveaways FEATURING OVER $1300 IN MOM INVENTED PRIZES! #WHYNOTMOMGIVEAWAY #sweeps

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