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BlogHer17 with Joy Bauer via Cookwith5kids @cookwith5kids mom blog

Attending Blogher17 was something I have looked forward to for the past year. It was perfect timing that this conference started the day after school ended. Running a school lunch program is not easy, but having the summer off is pure bliss. My last day of school was filled with goodbyes and hugs and an end of the year lunch for more than 250 people. No big deal, right? When the lunch was over I packed and headed to the airport. Orlando is home this year for one of the biggest blogging conferences and this is my first time as an attendee. The Hilton Bonnet Creek is home for the conference this year. My view is not too shabby.

Hilton Bonnet Creek for Blogher17 via Cookwith5kids @cookwith5kids mom blog

These three days will go by in a blur as I try to soak it all in. The first day was short with registration, the opening keynote, and some Expo Time. I was super excited to meet one of my healthy heroes, Joy Bauer, on the first day. I have a session with her this afternoon, but I had no idea she would be at the Expo too. We had such a great time chatting together. Our mutual love to share healthy food with our families bonded us immediately. It felt like I was talking to a girlfriend that I had not seen in a long time. Joy Bauer is such an inspiration to me and I am so happy I got to spend some time with her.

Not only did we chat, I also got to tape a quick video with Joy. This nutty French toast looks delicious for a quick breakfast. Dipping the bread in a crushed almond mixture is something I am definitely going to try as soon as I get home. The full protein packed recipe is in the video below:

Day Two is packed full, not a minute will be wasted by me. Follow along on social media at #BlogHer17 to learn more.

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