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Road Trip Entertainment with an Audible Subscription, Chops Beef Jerky, Pai Technology Cubetastic, Trex Duct Tape and IHOP all from Babbleboxx

Road trip entertainment is so important. I have gone on hundreds of road trips with my 5 kids and keeping them happy and busy is crucial. You do not want to hear “Are we there yet?” ten minutes into your drive. One of the best ways I keep my kids happy is to play competitive games in the car. My family loves a good competition. At the end of this post I included a fun printable scavenger hunt that everyone can work on together or separately. Since the scavenger hunt might only last a short time, you need a few more long lasting activities to make your next road trip a bit more bearable.

Road trip entertainment for kids. How do you keep your kids entertained on a long car ride? Printable scavenger hunt included

Road Trip Entertainment with an Audible Subscription


Audible is a great way to keep your family entertained in the car. Connect your device to the car’s speakers and your whole family can listen to a book together. Or, have the kids bring their own devices and a pair of headphones and they can each listen to their favorite novel.  My middle son gets very nauseous when he reads a book in the car. He tried using Audible on our last road trip and he was able to listen to an entire novel without feeling sick. Right now he is enjoying the book Lincoln in the Bardo. He already read this novel but the audio book has been fantastic with many of the characters being voiced by famous stars. He highly recommends this book if you are just getting started in audiobooks. My daughter is not a huge fan of reading. Try as I might, she rarely picks up a book to read. The Audible app has really changed her opinion on books. I often find her listening to a funny book while laughing to herself. On our last road trip our whole family enjoyed a funny chapter from her book. She enjoyed telling us about her favorite characters and how they got into an impossible situation then managed to get out. I think that the Audible app will help my daughter finally realize how wonderful books are. She is immersing herself in the stories, and allowing the characters to come alive in her imagination. You can download a free month of Audible here. Stay up to date with Audible by following their social media channels on Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram.

Road Trip Entertainment and quick eats at IHOP


Road trips= hungry children. While on a road trip you will have to stop for a few meals. One of our favorite places to stop for some sustenance is IHOP. For the past 59 years IHOP has been serving the best breakfast you can find. My favorite thing about IHOP is that they serve breakfast at any time of day. Knowing that fresh pancakes are always available helps make the last hour of the trip go by a little easier. Last week, in celebration of their anniversary, IHOP had a .59 short stack special. As you can see above, the mini blogger was happy to join in and celebrate with her buttermilk stack. Our pancakes were a delicious afternoon snack. Thank you IHOP for keeping us full at an amazing price. Stay up to date with IHOP on social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on Snapchat. Click here to find the IHOP location nearest you.

Road Trip Entertainment and Trex Duct Tape

T-REX Tape:

Road trips require you to be prepared for everything. I clearly remember a trip we took 20 years ago. We stopped at a roadside farmers market on the way to the beach. My husband backed into a parking spot and hit a pile of rocks and our rear bumper got dislodged on one side. My husband worked for an hour trying to figure out how to get the bumper to stay attached to the car. If we had some T-Rex this bumper emergency would have been solved in seconds. This roll of T-Rex Tape will be staying right in my car’s back pocket, keeping us prepared for anything. Have you tried T-Rex tape yet? The mini blogger calls it the super strong duct and stuck tape. With 3 layers it is super-durable and holds things together with ease. If you need some high quality T-Rex tape, click  and you can also be prepared for many road trip emergencies.

Road Trip Entertainment and Snacks- Chops Beef Jerky

CHOPS Snacks:

Snacks are crucial on every road trip. Our trip will only be successful if we have good snacks to keep everyone full and happy. We had never tried Chops snacks before. This beef jerky is 100% all natural, and contains no MSG, preservatives, or nitrites. The pieces were very tender and moist and quite easy to eat. They tasted like they were marinated overnight and then sealed into the bag. The flavor was incredibly good and these snacks were gone within minutes. You can find these meat snacks here and make sure you enter the code 5CHN79Z7Q1BE to save 20% on your first order. If you are an Amazon addict like I am, you can also find Chops Snacks in many flavors with super fast shipping. You can follow along on the Chops Snacks social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Road Trip Entertainment Pai Technology Cubetastic by Pai technologies

Pai Technologies Cubetastic 3×3 puzzle cube:

The key to a road trip’s success is lots of small objects to keep the kids busy. The Cube-tastic! by Pai Technologies is the modern take on a Rubik’s Cube. This puzzle cube is the same as the classic cube puzzle with a modern twist. You can download a free app and within minutes solve the cube. The mini blogger played a trick on her brothers. She told them to mix up the cube and then bet that she could solve it in two minutes or less. The app shows a step by step tutorial on how to solve your exact mixed up cube.  After taking photos of each side of the cube you will get your instructions. The mini blogger followed the 33 steps above and then earned the $5 that her brothers had bet. The most frustrating part of the Rubik’s cube was that I could never solve it. This app will keep you from having this frustration and will always find the best solution for your cube. This small toy kept the kids busy for hours. The cube feels so nice in your hands as it is made of non-toxic materials. You can follow Pai technology on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to keep up with their latest news. You can also buy a Cube-tastic!  and use the code CUBETRIP for 15% off your order.

Printable Scavenger Hunt:

I have one last way to keep your kids entertained on your next road trip. Before you leave, print a few copies of our Road Trip Scavenger Hunt. Each member of your family will need a cute clipboard. If you want a basic clipboard, this pack of six is less than $10. My mini blogger loves this storage clipboard because she can keep her pens, pencils, and drawing materials underneath. If you want some super cute stylish clipboards you can’t go wrong with these polka dot ones. Click here and print some fun scavenger hunts for everyone to use on your next road trip.

Road Trip Entertainment with an Audible Subscription, Chops Beef Jerky, Pai Technology Cubetastic, Trex Duct Tape and IHOP all from Babbleboxx

What are your favorite items to bring on your road trips that keep your kids entertained? Leave me a comment so I can add your items to our list for next weeks trip!

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