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Starkist protein snacks tear eat and go via Cookwith5kids @cookwith5kids mom blog

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StarKist pouches are the perfect solution for busy people. Gone are the days of needing a can opener to enjoy some tuna or salmon. No more drippy, watery, fishy spills to contend with. StarKist pouches are the no mess solution to on-the-go eating. When I was little I ate tuna for lunch almost everyday. Sometimes my Mom would send a small can of tuna in my lunchbox with a can opener and some crackers. This was one of my favorite lunches but I wished it was not so messy. I could only have dreamed of these neat pouches when I was younger.

Starkist has 21 flavorful pouches available right now. Interesting flavors you can choose from include: ranch, hot buffalo, thai chili, lemon dill, mango chipotle, lemon pepper, herb and garlic and jalapeno. You can even find plain albacore white tuna or chunk light tuna in these convenient pouches. Watching your sodium intake? The two plain flavors both are available in low sodium versions as well.

The beauty of these pouches is that you can just Tear, Eat and Go. No need to prepare your lunch while you are on the go this summer. Tuna and salmon are both excellent choices because they contain healthy unsaturated fats, omega 3s, are low in calories, and are packed with protein. Each pouch is one serving, so grab a fork and some crackers, and dig right in.

Starkist protein snacks tear eat and go via Cookwith5kids @cookwith5kids mom blog

Last week I met with a few members of the StarKist team at Blogher17. It was so much fun learning about these new products. I was even able to speak to one of the developers of the pouches who knew exactly what ingredients are in each product. As someone who has food allergies this was so nice to hear. When there is an ingredient like vegetable broth I never know what ingredients are used in the broth. It was wonderful to learn exactly which vegetables were included and know what the exact ingredients were.

If you are eating one of these StarKist pouches at home I have a few fun combos you can try. Each of these simple recipes on takes only a few extra minutes:

  • Tuna Creations Ranch + 1/2 an avocado on a rice cake.
  • Salmon Creations Lemon Dill + capers on pita chips.
  • Chunk light tuna + cucumber + cherry tomatoes on flatbreads.
  • Tuna Creations Sweet and Spicy + peanuts + red pepper on a lettuce boat.

These simple, delicious, and nutritious pouches are the perfect solution for a busy lifestyle. Don’t get stuck at the pool with some greasy pizza. Keep some StarKist pouches in your pool bag and enjoy a healthy snack. The beauty of the pouch means no can opener needed and no draining out the water and making a mess either. Just tear off the top of the pouch and eat it on the go. My daughter has already claimed some of these pouches for her on the go lunches. Make sure you are following StarKist Charlie on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all the latest flavors and innovations.

I love to read your comments, which StarKist pouch flavor is your favorite? 

Starkist protein snacks tear eat and go via Cookwith5kids @cookwith5kids mom blog


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