Expo East is the best place to learn about natural and whole foods plus a giveaway 99

Expo East is the best conference to find the latest and greatest in natural and whole foods products

Expo East is the conference I look forward to most, year after year. The newest and best healthy products are on display on four different floors of the Baltimore Convention Center. This year was the first year I attended the New Hope Influencer Summit the day before Expo East started. I was thrilled to be invited as a part of this inaugural blogger get together. I enjoyed meeting the other healthy bloggers who were a part of my roundtable. This powerful group spent the day learning, networking, and sharing our desire for healthy families. You can read about the other healthy bloggers who attended here. I hope that next year the Influencer Summit will return!

Expo East Healthy Food Conference

Expo East is the Mini blogger’s favorite conference to attend! Here she is tasting the new flavor from LaCroix

One of the best things about Expo East is that my mini blogger can attend with me. This year I spent the first day at the Expo by myself. Many of the booths stopped and asked me where my mini blogger was. After the tenth person inquired, I decided that my partner needed to join me the rest of the days of the conference. My mini blogger makes connections, hands out business cards, and makes an excellent impression every year.

Schmidt's All Natural Deodorant

Schmidt’s Deodorant is the only deodorant our family of 7 all uses. If you care about the skincare products your family uses you must try Schmidt’s.

Expo East is so much fun because not only do we find new brands, we also meet up with favorite brands that are an integral part of our family. Since this is our fourth year attending Expo East, it almost feels like a family reunion. Schmidt’s Deodorant is a brand our family relies on every day. With four stinky teen boys, we need a strong deodorant. The two new scents above, are very popular with my boys. Schmidt’s has a brand new product line, bar soap and it is SO good!

Road Crew Clusters the gluten free NonGMO healthier snack

Road Crew Clusters is a new snack in adorable packaging. These delicious treats are gluten free Non GMO.

Road Crew Clusters were not only delicious, they are healthy, gluten-free, and NonGMO. There are 4 flavors of sweet treats and it was impossible to choose our favorite. This snack would appeal to both kids and adults!

Drink wonderwell organic juice boxes

These “juice” boxes are a staple in our house.

Wonderwell juice boxes are a staple in our house. We try to limit the sugar our kids eat and juice boxes are typically very high in sugar. The Wonderwell waters are organic, flavored with natural extracts and essential oils and have zero sugar. Watermelon is the flavor that the mini blogger likes best.

Julie's organic ice cream and sorbet

Julie’s Organic Ice cream and Sorbet is our families favorite dessert.

The mini blogger’s favorite booth each year is always Julie’s Organic and Alden’s Organic Ice Creams and sorbets. If you have never tried these delightful and delicious frozen treats, you must. Each pint is packed with real ingredients, ones you would recognize. Each treat has amazing flavor and is NonGMO and purely delightful!

Minina Tortilla tortilla chips are preservative free and gluten free

Minina Tortilla chips come in three flavors and have a perfect combination of crunch and seasoning.

The Minina Tortilla chips are made in the first authentic tortilla bakery in New England. These chips are crafted from 100% US NonGMO white corn, lime and water. These super delicious chips have no preservatives or artificial ingredients. The mini blogger has not stopped thinking about the cinnamon churros chips since she tasted them!

Jenny Lee Swirl Bread comes in 9 delicious flavors

Jenny Lee Swirl Bread is the most flavorful bread we have ever tried.

Jenny Lee Swirl Bread is the most flavorful bread I have ever tried. It comes in 9 amazing flavors. The tomato basil bread made into a grilled cheese is something I have dreamed about over the past month. If you love bread, you must try this bread by 5 Generation Bakers.

Raos Premium Pasta Sauce

Raos Homemade Marinara Pasta Sauce is the premium pasta brand and tastes amazing.

Rao’s Homemade Marinara Sauce is something special. We were invited to an intimate gathering to get to know the story behind Rao’s sauce. This authentic Italian sauce is nutritious and SO delicious. Italian tomatoes and all natural ingredients combine together to create an incredibly delicious sauce.

Live Soda Organic Kombucha Drinks

Live Soda is an organic kombucha that is good for you and tastes delicious.

We fell in love with Live Soda at Expo East. This delicious soda has less sugar and is organic, delicious, and NonGMO. The lemon lime and blueberry flavors were our favorites.

Inlight Beauty Hug Your Skin Organic Skincare

Inlight Beauty is a 100% organic skincare line made from the simplest ingredients to give you the most beautiful skin.

Inlight Beauty is a 100% organic luxury skincare line. Their products are created with the finest ingredients to help you look radiant. Each product is packed with nutrients and antioxidants so your skin stays nourished and hydrated.

Biena chocolate covered chickpeas are a great snack and full of protein.

Biena chocolate covered chickpeas are so delicious and totally nutritious.

Biena chocolate covered chickpeas are one of my favorite snacks. You might think, why would you want to cover a chickpea in chocolate? The answer is, because it is SO delicious and also nutritious. Chickpeas are full of protein, and with a bit of chocolate they are a truly healthy snack that kids will love.

Kite Hill non dairy yogurt made from almond milk

Kite Hill non dairy yogurt is a wonderful dairy alternative.

Kite Hill creates wonderful non-dairy products from almond milk. There are yogurts, drinks, artisanal cheeses, and even pasta! The yogurt is fabulous and excellent for a plant based diet.

rainbow light vibrance multivitamin

Rainbow Light Vibrance Multivitamin is a complete mutlivitamin to help men and women feel vibrant and energized.

Rainbow Light, one of my favorite brands of vitamins for the past 15 years, has recently come out with a new line, Vibrance. These multivitamins are specifically developed and formulated to benefit men, women, or teens. The vitamins are food based, organic,  and easy to digest. Each Vibrance formulation covers a different issue that people might face, Immune Support, Balance and Energy, Stress Support, Healthy Skin, and Energy and Vitality.

SmashCrispy healthier Rice Krispy treat

SmashCrispy is the delicious and nutritious new product from Smashmallows

Smashmallows were the mini bloggers favorite treat last year. This year she fell in love with the Smashcrispy. This healthier form of a Rice Krispy treat is individually packaged and come in three flavors. The mini blogger likes the mint chocolate chip flavor the best.

Skratch energy bars

Skratch energy bars are perfect for a snack or after a workout.

Skratch labs makes excellent hydration drink mixes. They also make chews, bars and gears. These chocolate chip and almond bars are perfect for me when I do not have time to eat a meal. I keep them in my purse and they give me enough energy to get through the day.

Qcup quinoa cup ready to eat

Q cups are awesome for travel. One quinoa cup can be made in the microwave.

Q cups are my favorite item to pack on a business trip. These cups are filled with plain or flavored quinoa. Add water and your quinoa is ready in 5 minutes. This is a perfect breakfast for me when I am traveling!

Truth bars with probiotics and prebiotics

Truth bars are a delicious way to enjoy your probiotics and prebiotics.

Truth Bars are a delicious way to take your prebiotics and probiotics. These bars taste great and a healthier way to snack on the go. These bars are low in sugar, high in fiber, and healthy fats to help you feel your best.

Expo East Giveaway

Expo East Giveaway. Try many of the natural and healthy food products that were exhibited at the Expo East conference.


One winner will receive ALL the fabulous prizes below:

  1. Biena: One bag of each of their new flavors including Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Sea Salt, and Rockin Ranch.
  2. Kite Hill dairy-free almond milk based vegan products and Live Soda raw and organic Kombucha drink coupons
  3. Smashmallow: Three boxes of each of the newest flavors of SmashCrispy treats including Mint Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Churros and Strawberries and Cream
  4. InLight: Inlight skincare products are 100% natural and organic. One winner receives the Bijou collection: a face cleanser, the floral face tonic, a daily face oil and a line softener. You will also receive a chocolate face mask.
  5. Rainbow Light: One winner will receive the brand new Vibrance vitamins, one bottle of Multivitamins for men and one bottle for women.
  6. MininaTortilla: 3 bags of delicious tortilla chips one of each flavor, sea salt, jalapeno agave, and one cinnamon sugar churros flavor
  7. Skratch: One box of 12 chocolate chip and almond energy bars
  8. Truth Bars: One box with 2 of each flavor: Dark Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate Raspberry Coconut, Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Almond Crunch
  9. Q cups: 3 flavors of Quinoa cups: Original, Garlic and Mushroom and Southwestern BBQ
  10. Alden’s and Julie’s organic ice cream treats: 6 free product coupons for Alden’s and Julie’s Organic

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