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I am a bit of an expert on gifts for teens. As a Mom to 5 I have survived the teen years many times. Choosing gifts that teens will like is just as hard as climbing the tallest mountain. Teens are moody and they act like they hate most things. As a parent my job is to be smarter than the teens and choose gifts that they cannot resist. All of the gifts I am sharing today were thoroughly tested by my teens and tween. If you have a teen birthday gift to buy, you might want to refer to this list or to our tech gift guide. Teens love new technology and you cannot go wrong with something from this gift guide. Leave me a comment below, what is your go-to gift for teens?

Teen Gift Guide with great book options for tweens and teens

Books: Teens and Tweens love good books! We reviewed a lot of awesome books this year and these are some of our favorites.

  1. Fooled Ya: How your brain gets tricked by Optical Illusions, Magicians and Hoaxes is a great book for kids with an interest in magic and or science.
  2. Playful Painting Pets: This book is perfect for those teens who like animals and drawing. This book teaches how to draw whimsical pictures of your pet.
  3. Glass Town Game: This novel is packed with fantasy, excitement, and wit. My reluctant tween reader devoured this book in no time.
  4. Little Bigfoot, Big City: Another fabulous novel that we could not put down. This one is great for teens who like a good mystery with a happy ending. This book by popular adult author, Jennifer Weiner, is the first of a wonderful series.
  5. Dork Diaries, book 12: Tales from a not so secret crush Catastrophe: My tween loves to read the Dork Diaries series. This book about a secret crush is perfect for teens who might be feeling some of the same things. It is written in the same manner that teens talk.

Fluidstance is a great gift to help kids, teens, and adults exercise while on their computer

Fluidstance: The Fluidstance is a great gift for teens or adults. Kids spend way too many hours on their laptops, phones, and computers. With the fluidstance you get excercise while you are standing. Turn your sedentary time into movement! My kids fight over who will use the Fluidstance. It is amazing to see how this board can help kids move. The kids stand on it while watching TV, playing video games, or looking at their phone. With the Fluidstance you will turn screen time into active time.

Teen Gift Guide choice LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions: LEGO Dimensions is a super fun, imaginative video game for the entire family. My teens enjoy this creative game on the Xbox One. You can play on any of the gaming systems with ease. All you need is the starter kit to begin playing. I love that you can play story missions by yourself or with a group of friends. There are also extra story kits you can purchase as well, including Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Chima, Teen Titans, Batman movie, Scooby Doo, and Back to the Future.

DIY tutorial book on how to make slime, a perfect gift for teens

Ultimate Slime: DIY Tutorials: This book is my tweens go-to book. She is obsessed with making slime. She has tried every recipe in this book and loves them all. I am going to have to turn my house into a slime shop. If your tween or teen likes to make slime, they will love this book with easy recipes and tutorials. Alyssa Jagan is an inspiring YouTube star that my daughter looks up to.  

Teens love to smell good, both Schmidt's Naturals and Klee Girls makes great teen gifts

Schmidt’s Naturals Soaps and Deodorant and Klee Kids Makeup and Hair Products: Teens love to smell and look good! Schmidt’s Naturals deodorant and soap is the only body care product that my teens and tween will use. I love that these products are safe for them, and include only natural ingredients. Klee Kids has safe hair care products and makeup that my tween is in love with! The shampoos and conditioners smell so good and the makeup looks great and is also safe for my daughter to use. Both of these products would make great gifts for teens.

Circuit Scribe is a great gift for teens who like to explore and learn science

Circuit Scribe: Have a teen who loves science, art, and discovering new things? My teen is in love with the Circuit Scribe kits. He reviewed the Maker kit this summer and then bought two more kits for his birthday! If you can doodle you can create a circuit. Each kit comes with everything you need to get started. Since using these kits my teen has decided that he might want to be an electrical engineer! My son also used the Circuit Scribe components to create his science fair project.

Tippur nail polish holder great gift for girls

Tippur: Tippur is a perfect stocking stuffer for your teens! This device holds your nail polish for you at a perfect angle. Every bottle that we have tried has fit perfectly in the Tippur. My tween thinks this is the coolest device because she has trouble painting her nails while holding the nail polish bottle.

Boodle Box Subscription Box for Girls

Boodle Box: The Boodle Box is a subscription box for girls. There are two options to choose from Boodle One(ages 6-11) and Boodle Two(ages 12plus). Once you choose which box you would like, you must choose how often you want the box delivered. You can choose a one time delivery, or a 3,6, or 12-month delivery. Then, sit back and watch your tween or teen’s excitement as they open and discover new items for girls. My daughter loved her box. If you follow us on Instagram, you saw her open the boxes live on our stories. Each box is filled with jewelry, makeup, accessories, and other stuff girls love!

Whim Risky Board Game makes a great gift for teens

Whim Risky board game from Funnybone Toys: This board game is great for teens! My daughter brought it to school and her class is enjoying it during recess. The object of the game is to make words using specific letters in certain places in the word. Making a word that begins with K is much easier than ending a word with the letter K! Teachers love to use this game in their classes. My teens think this game is super fun and it is being played quite often in our house.

Hive Mind by Calliope Games is a great gift for teens

Hive Mind by Calliope Games: Hive Mind is the perfect game for teens! Up to 12 kids can play at once, perfect for a party! The object of this game is not to know the right answers, it is to know the answers that will match the other players. The questions are funny and your game players will laugh and have a great time while deciding their answers. My teens love to play this game with their friends. Adults love this game too. I enjoy playing with my teens and learning a bit more about them. If you want to buy a game that your teens will love, this is a perfect choice!

Crash Bandicoot Game and Socks make a great gift for teens

Crash Bandicoot Game and Socks Bundle: This is such a fun gift for teens available exclusively at Gamestop. This game set, only for the PS4, is a remastered version of the three original Crash Bandicoot games. Plus, as a bonus, you will get a super comfy pair of Crash Bandicoot socks! My teen son has been a long time Crash Bandicoot fan and he wears these soft socks all the time. They are now his favorite pair. If you want to get a gift for the video game lovers, this is a great choice.

Hot Logic is a great gift for anyone who likes to eat hot food on the go

Hot Logic warming devices: My teens hate to eat cold food. When they go to work or need to take a lunch with them, it is hard to come up with foods that taste good cold. My husband also takes a lunch to work and he prefers a warm lunch too. If you have ever looked inside a communal microwave you will not want to use it. The geniuses behind Hot Logic have come up with a way to warm your food without a microwave! Simply put your container of food into the warmer and plug it into your car or regular outlet and it warms up to the perfect temperature. I have no idea how this works, but it works perfectly! Once your food gets to the right temperature, it holds it at that temperature until you eat it. Our Hot Logic containers are used all the time! This would make a great gift for the teen who likes to eat hot food on the go.

Menu Masters board game teen gift guide

Menu Masters Game from Calliope Games: This game was our favorite game we tested in 2017! The object of the game is to create your menu before your opponents do. In order to create your menu you need to own stores, get your ingredients, and play smarter than your opponents do. This game is loved by the tweens, teens and adults. Up to 5 people can play at once and the more people who play the harder it is. If your teens enjoy board games, this is an awesome choice!

Scratch and Grain baking mixes for teen gifts

Scratch and Grain Baking Mixes: Teens love to cook, but they hate finding all the ingredients and measuring them! Scratch and Grain is a perfect teen gift because they take all the work out of cooking. Each kit comes with all the ingredients, premeasured, and ready to make. All your teen has to do is follow the super easy directions and enjoy the treat! Scratch and Grain sells SO MANY great options, including gluten-free. With these kits your teens can create delicious treats at home with ease. We have tried and fallen in love with the muffins, cookies, cupcakes and brownies.

XOMarshmallows coal marshmallows are a delicious way to give coal in the stocking

Coal from XO Marshmallows: My teens sometimes end up on the naughty list. If your teen is also on the naughty list and you want to put coal in their stockings, you might consider this sweet treat. The cookies and cream cookie coal is such a delicious naughty punishment! Watch your teen’s face when they unwrap this yummy coal.

Gift Guide for Teens  

We received review products to test. Each item went through vigorous testing before being added to our Holiday Gift Guide. Only my favorite products are included in this list. Some links are affiliate links, and I might receive a very small commission if you click through the links on my blog. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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