Flu season and how to survive 25

Flu season and how to survive

Honey in your tea soothes your throat

Let’s face it, the flu and cold season is here and we need to survive. It is so hard to avoid all the germs that are surrounding us. Today I am sharing 6 ways you can survive the flu season.

Wash your hands often to stay healthy in winter

1. Wash your hands. I must tell my children at least 20 times per day to wash their hands. Washing them the correct way is very important. Use HOT water, plenty of soap, and scrub scrub scrub. A minimum of 20 seconds is required. Hand washing can really keep you healthy all winter long. Flu Symptoms include fever, body and throat aches, fatigue, cough, and sore throat. If one person in your house gets the flu, everyone else must wash their hands even more.

Vitamin D is an important supplement in winter

2.Get some extra Vitamin D. Since the days of winter are so short and so cold, we are spending much less time in the sun. Our bodies need Vitamin D which we typically get naturally from being outside on sunny days. In winter we are only outside for a few minutes at a time. We all take extra Vitamin D so that we can keep our immunity built up until spring. Symptoms of the flu include sudden fatigue, chills, body aches, coughs, and fever.

Udon Noodle Soup

3.Make some soup. Hot liquids warm your body from the inside. Science has proven that chicken soup can really heal your body. I totally believe this is true. You can try my Instant Pot chicken soup , Gnocchi Stew, or even Udon Noodle Soup for a warm and comforting meal. These recipes are easy to make and will feel so good on a cold winter day. How long does the flu last? Symptoms typically linger for about a week, with the first few days being the worst. Remember, stay home until your are symptom free for a minimum of 24 hours.

Hot tea with lemon

4.Drink tea with honey. Tea has healing properties and can make you feel better quickly. Honey is a humectant and it can really help a scratchy throat. A cup of hot tea with honey and lemon is a triple play and will help you feel better in no time. If you develop the flu, you will need a really large bottle of honey, a teacup with a built-in infuser, and a quiet place to get lots of rest.

Foot bath hydrotherapy can help you with flu symptoms

5.Try a warm foot bath and then apply some warm socks. A warm foot bath, using a small device like this, can really make your entire body feel good. Keep your feet in the warm water for at least 15 minutes. You can add some aromatherapy oil or tea tree oil soaking salts to the water as well. Dry your feet completely. Put on a pair of really warm socks like these and get in a warm bed. This type of hydrotherapy always makes me feel better then next day.

Quantum Health is the only organic certified cough drop on the market

6.Keep cough drops in your pocket for on the go relief. Quantum Health cough drops are the best way to soothe a sore throat and calm a noisy cough. These cough drops are the only ones on the market that are certified organic. Choosing organic products are very important to me and this includes the products we use when we are feeling sick. My kids love the flavors and taste of these cough drops and the menthol in the lozenges effectively helps their throats feel better quickly. No medicine aftertaste. So many cough drops and cough syrups include artificial colors and ingredients that can really make you feel sick. We have made the switch and exclusively use the Quantum Health cough drops in our house. These cough drops come in four delicious flavors:

Quantum Health organic cough drops to help you feel better if you have the flu

  • Bing Cherry
  • Blood Orange
  • Elderberry Raspberry
  • Meyer Lemon and Honey

Our favorite flavor is the Meyer lemon and honey. Meyer lemons are in season in the winter and are a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange. These lemons are smaller and rounder than regular lemons. Meyer lemons are also less tart and usually much sweeter, juicier, and more flavorful.

Two of the cough drop flavors, Blood Orange and Elderberry Raspberry, are part of the TheraZinc line. These lozenges also include zinc gluconate, which is proven to shorten the side effects of a cold. There is an entire TheraZinc line that can help boost your immune support. If someone in your household contracts the flu, I would suggest that you start taking a few items from the TheraZinc line immediately to boost your immunity.

6 ways to survive flu season

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