Mother’s Day Gift Guide 26

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's day gift guide

What should you buy your Mom for Mother’s Day? You only have a few weeks to get your gifts lined up and send them to the special women in your life. Many people have multiple gifts for their Mom, Mother-In-Law, Grandmothers, and Aunts. Women who work to nurture their families need to be remembered on this special day. I hope you enjoy these gift ideas for Moms.

Misfit Vapor Smartwatch makes a perfect Mother's Day Gift

1.Misfit Vapor Smartwatch: This touchscreen smartwatch helps Mom stay active and connected. The Misfit Vapor looks so nice on your wrist and is compatible with Android or Apple phones. The Misfit Vapor looks more like a bracelet than a watch. This watch can track your steps, your calories, the distance you traveled, and can also monitor your heart rate. It can also be used as a standalone music player or it can connect to wireless headphones. This stylish watch is water resistant up to 50m so you can swim, shower, and run in the rain without damaging it. I love seeing my texts, calls, and notifications pop up on the watch when I cannot access my phone. There are endless style options when you change the straps and the watch faces. Moms will love this smartwatch because she will be able to stay connected in a stylish way.

Mothers day gift ideas: Real Life dinner by Rachel Hollis or The Home for Unwanted Girls by Joanna Goodman

2.Real Life Dinners by Rachel Hollis: I have been a long time fan of Rachel Hollis, the brilliant Mom behind the blog, The Chic Site and the book, Girl, Wash your Face. Rachel inspires me because she has great ideas and is also a Mom of many. This new cookbook is packed with fun, fast, and fresh recipes that your whole family will love. Each recipe has gorgeous photos and step by step instructions. This cookbook does not come out until June 5th, but you can preorder it as a perfect Mother’s Day gift, with delivery the day it comes out. I previewed a copy of this cookbook and every recipe we have tried has been a winner. The breakfast for dinner chapter is the one we have used the most often. If your Mom likes to cook Real Life Dinners will make a great gift.

3.The Home for Unwanted Girls by Joanna Goodman: Does your Mom enjoy reading? The Home for Unwanted Girls is a riveting tale about a mother-daughter bond that could not be broken. This book is based on actual events. From the very first page, you will meet Maggie, a very young lady who is about to become a Mom. Maggie was forced to give up her daughter, Elodie, with no idea if they would ever see each other again. It was hard to put this book down. I cried through some of Maggie and Elodie’s difficult years and countless obstacles, and I hoped that one day they would reunite. If your Mom enjoys reading a beautifully written book she will enjoy this suspenseful novel from Joanna Goodman.

4.Handmade Coffee Cup: Most Moms need a coffee mug of their own. I love my special Mom mugs and I warn my family not to use them. Sipping from a beautiful handmade coffee mug is the best way to start each day. Warm beverage, cool mug, I am ready to face anything. A perfect gift for many Moms would be a lovely coffee mug with a nice bag of coffee. Currently, you will find me drinking the Cameron’s Coffee Velvet Moon each morning. A mug and some coffee beans is my fourth suggestion as a perfect gift for your Mom.

Mini Flossolution


5.Mini by Flossolution: Mom loves to have clean teeth, right? This revolutionary flosser is the perfect way for Mom to keep her teeth very clean. Does your Mom need a better floss solution? The Mini would be a practical gift for dental health. The Mini is the faster, easier, painless way to floss your teeth. It even comes with a cute suction cup so you can stick it right to your bathroom mirror. The patented flossguard protects your gums while keeping the floss in a perfect position. The bite bumper technology lets you gently bite down so you can move the floss into the right position with ease. As you can see above, my daughter has decided that the Mini is hers. She thinks it is a fun way to keep her teeth clean. Each reusable flosser can be used up to 10 times before changing to a new floss head. The starter package comes with 10 flosser heads for at least 100 uses. The Mini flossolution was created by a dentist who wanted to find a painless solution for his patients who did not enjoy flossing. The Mini would be a gift Mom would not expect this year.

What do you plan to buy for your Mom this year?

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