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LG appliances bring the latest technological innovations to your kitchen

LG Refrigerator is the perfect kitchen upgrade

We are always looking to upgrade the technology in our home. It is not enough to just upgrade your phones and tablets, you should also consider upgrading your appliances. The LG refrigerator and other kitchen appliances are a dream come true to those looking for the best tech for their home. I got to spend a lot of time checking out the LG Refrigerator, Washer and Dryer, Dishwasher, and oven and I am ready to upgrade my entire kitchen.

LG instaview door in door interior space from Best Buy

LG Refrigerator Reviews

The interior of the LG Instaview Door in Door refrigerator is spacious.  One of my favorite features was the EasyReach drawers. Each of these small drawers is a perfect place to stash the healthy kid snacks: string cheese, cut up fruit, small water bottles, and other grab and go snacks. I also loved the 3 fruit and vegetable compartments. Each shelf in the LG refrigerator was huge and would hold a big sheet cake, salad, or large pizza. We run a catering business and this LG refrigerator would be perfect for storing large trays of food.

LG Instaview Matte Black Stainless Steel Refrigerator

LG Refrigerators at Best Buy

Not only is this LG refrigerator full of great features, it has an exclusive Matte Black Stainless Steel finish. The matte black stainless steel looks unique and very sophisticated. This low gloss finish will look great in all modern kitchens. Do you have children? Fingerprints do not show up on the doors with the matte black stainless steel finish. This LG smart refrigerator is wi-fi and voice-enabled. You can control your fridge remotely: checking the status, turn it on or off, or change the settings. Parents who love technology will enjoy these smart appliances that will make their lives easier.

LG Instaview Door in Door Refrigerator at Best Buy

LG Refrigerator Benefits

My favorite features of the LG Instaview Refrigerator are:

  • The door in door feature is perfect for hungry kids. You do not need to open the entire door to get a drink or snack. Simply knock on the glass and a light goes on so the kids can choose their snack before even opening the door.
  • The app on your phone can control the refrigerator and will even alert you when the kids leave the door open!
  • Works with the Google Home and allows you to talk to the refrigerator. Check out our Google Home review here.
  • Fingerprint and Smudge resistant
  • Ice Plus feature is great for making extra ice for a party
  • Premium LED lighting

LG washer and dryer at Best Buy


LG Washer and Dryer Reviews

LG Laundry suite includes washers and dryers with SmartThinQ® technology. These appliances will change the way you do laundry. You can start and stop wash cycles remotely, get updates when your laundry is done and even receive reminders about scheduled maintenance. With 7 people in our home, I do laundry every single day. Some of my favorite features of the LG Washer and Dryer are:

  • Using our Alexa or Google Home to find out how much time is left on the washer or dryer cycles
  • Receiving SmartThinQ app notifications when the wash cycle or dryer is finished. This is a great way to have the kids help with laundry!
  • Using the Google Home to start the dryer from another room: “Ok Google, turn on my dryer”

Best Buy Special Offers for a limited time

The LG Summer Kitchen Bundle and the LG Ultimate Laundry Room Rebates are both available until July 11th. If you are looking to upgrade or redo your kitchen or laundry room, do not delay.

  • Purchase a 4-piece Kitchen Bundle and receive up to a $400 INSTANT rebate. (LG and LG Studio models are eligible for this offer. )
  • Purchase a qualifying laundry bundle and receive up to a $400 rebate.

LG high tech kitchen appliances at Best Buy

If you could replace one appliance in your home with a smart appliance, what would you choose?

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