The kitchen appliance I cannot live without 26

The kitchen appliance I cannot live without

most important kitchen appliance is the rice cooker

Kitchen appliances are very important in both my home and in my school lunch program. Many kitchen appliances come and go and stay on the shelf year after year. But there is one appliance that I have used regularly for the past 20 years and that is the rice cooker. If you think that a rice cooker can only make rice you are mistaken. The rice cooker is a very versatile kitchen appliance that can do so much more.

The Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker is a bargain at less than $40 on Amazon. It can make up to 20 cups of rice which is perfect for a large family gathering. What can the rice cooker do? Here are my favorite ways to use the rice machine:

  • Make perfect rice with no stirring, or boiling the water first
  • Make perfect oatmeal of any kind
  • Make cream of wheat or grits
  • Steam vegetables
  • Set a timer and have a hot breakfast when you wake up
  • Make simple rice or pasta mixes
  • Steam fish or chicken for a healthy dinner main course
  • Keeps food warm once it is ready, so it is nice and hot when you want it
  • Makes all grains effortlessly including farro, quinoa, couscous and much more
  • Inner baskets are dishwasher safe, so easy clean up!
  • Makes delicious soups with ease

most important kitchen appliance is the rice cooker

If someone you know is getting married or setting up their wedding registry, make sure they have a rice cooker on it. This reasonably priced kitchen appliance is at the top of my gift list. The rice cooker is so easy to use that my kids can make rice by themselves. School is starting soon and you will have to start thinking about having a hot breakfast ready before you need to run out the door. Set up all your ingredients the night before and start the timer. You can have oatmeal, steel cut oats, cream of wheat, or any other type of grain waiting for you in the kitchen. I love to make flavored oatmeal for the kids, peaches and cream, maple and cinnamon, and spiced apple. With a rice machine, you do not have to work very hard to serve a hot breakfast to your family. Clean out your breakfast and then steam a healthy dinner later that day. I love to put some fresh broccoli in the steamer basket along with a few pieces of fresh salmon. Steam them both with some spices and dinner is ready. Kitchen appliances should make your life easier, and with the rice cooker my kitchen experience is much better.

I received a rice cooker for my review. I have been using rice cookers for the past 20 years. All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.

What is your favorite kitchen appliance? 

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