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Animal Crossing Hidden Features

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Our family has been enjoying the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch. You can buy the game in a cartridge format here or you can buy a digital code that allows you to simply enter the code on your Switch so you can play right away. Animal Crossing is our family’s favorite game right now. I love that there is no violence. I also love the cooperative nature of the game. One of my sons leaves gifts for the other son and they share fruit and items. It is so nice to see them cooperating and working together in the animal crossing world. This post was written by my kids who love playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. We hope you enjoy these Animal Crossing hidden features.

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My kids can each have a different part of the world of Animal Crossing. They can also play the game without “messing up” their sibling’s game. That is a very important aspect when you have a big family.

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Another thing I love about this game is that there are always new things to discover all over the island. Each day the island is full of surprises. There is something for everyone in this game. I love to play it when the kids are done with their turn. I love to catch bugs, fix up my home, and just escape and have fun. This post is designed to share with you some of the Animal Crossing hidden features that we did not know when we first started to play. While we are on quarantine right now, the Animal Crossing island is a lovely escape.

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The first few times you play Animal Crossing: New Horizons you simply need to figure out all the fun things there are to see and do on the island. Once you know how the game works you can enjoy these Animal Crossing hidden features.

Our top 10 Animal Crossing Hidden Features:

1. Trees are important in Animal Crossing. You can pick fruit from the tree, but you can also dig up the entire tree and move it somewhere else. If you eat at least 10 pieces of fruit you have the ability to move the tree. Use your shovel and scoop up the tree and put the tree in your pocket, then plant it wherever you want to. Or, you can just shake a tree and collect the branches to make recipes with.

2. Speaking of recipes, you have to learn a recipe before you can use it. You can find recipes in message bottles on the beach or in the sky floating from a balloon. If the recipe is floating in a balloon, use your slingshot to shoot the balloon down and get your present, which could be a recipe. If you find a recipe or are given a recipe, you must learn it and then it is yours to create forever. You can also find presents floating in the water. Pick up any presents you see in the sky or the water.

3. Rocks are very important in this game. Rocks are an important resource as they can give you clay and iron. Pick up any rocks you see because you need them to make lots of the items.

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4. Visit your Nook Stop (located in Tom Nook’s Tent) once a day. Here you will get bells. It is an easy way to earn free bells. Across from the Nook Stop, in the tent, there is a cooler. Open it up and you can sometimes find one free thing you can take.If you have Nook Miles + (from upgrading your first house) you can go to visit other islands and find new materials. Visit the Nook Stop, as pictured above, once a day.

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5. If you get stung by a wasp and your eye swells up you have a few choices. You can wait until the next day for it to go away or you can talk to a villager. The villager can give you a recipe for medicine that needs very few ingredients and will fix your eye. If you want to avoid getting stung by the wasp you can either hold a net while you are shaking a tree and then you will catch the wasp. Or, you run really fast and the wasp will hopefully fly away.

6. Go fishing at night and walk to the beach. Find a big rock on the beach and then look up at the sky for a shooting star. The shooting star can give you nook miles or star fragments. The star fragments can be used to make a star wand. The star wand can help you change your clothes.

7. If you have Nook Miles + (from upgrading your first house) you can go to visit other islands and find new materials. Visit the Nook Stop, as pictured above, once a day.

8. Catch as many bugs and fish as you can. There are seasonal creatures added all the time. You should try to collect everything that you can. Sell the things you cannot use, but save some items for crafting. You need to have a lot of materials to build items for your house.

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9. On the ground, you might see a glowing spot. You should dig it up with your shovel and collect the gold. If you want to, you can rebury the gold in the ground and sometimes make a money tree!

10. Eat a fruit (just one, no need to eat a whole bunch) and you can get stronger. You will be able to uproot a tree and break a whole rock in one hit.

Which of these Animal Crossing hidden features is your favorite? Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite part of the game is.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Hidden Features

In order to write this review, we received a complimentary copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own. Some links on this page may be affiliate links.

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