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grandfather with grandchildren

My children’s grandparents are two of the most precious people in our lives. The love we have for them is more immense than you can quantify. When I see my children with their grandparents, my Mama heart is so happy. There is nothing stronger than the Grandparent bond.

grandparents on a bench

I love this photo of my parents. They have always been the most loving and beautiful couple I have ever known. They never fight and they rarely bicker, except about who will do the dishes. I wish I could spend more time with them but our lives are so busy and now, with quarantine, we are afraid to visit and spread our germs.

Quality care for elderly relatives

My parents are lucky that they still live together in our family home and they are very healthy. Not everyone is so lucky though. Many parents and grandparents are living alone and have caregivers come to their house each day to assist with various activities. It is hard for relatives and children far away to know how their elderly relatives are doing on a daily basis. I am happy to tell you that there is an amazing new app to help with just this issue. It is a quality care assurance homecare app that is fully customizable for any family. We all want quality care for elderly relatives, but how can we accomplish this, especially when we live far away?

family photo with grandparents

Orah Care App

The Orah Care App is available for Apple or Android phones. The Orah Care app is a family business that was created by a family who wanted to know the care their mother was receiving by a caregiver who was taking care of her. The Orah Care app can hold all of someone’s medical issues and can share things like:

  • Did Grandma take her medicine?
  • What did Grandma have for breakfast?
  • What did Grandma paint during art class?
  • What exercise did Grandpa get today?
  • What are Grandpa’s vitals today?

testimonial for orah app

The Orah Care app is the perfect way to stay in touch with elderly relatives without living nearby. Even if you do live nearby, you probably do not have the time to catch up on your grandparent’s daily care. With this simple, easily customizable app, you can see exactly what your loved ones are doing with photos, videos, and more. This app was created so that families could have a better way to take care of their relatives, and to provide peace of mind to children and grandchildren.

Caregiver View on orah app

Are you interested in the Orah care app for your relatives? You can sign up for a free 15-minute discovery call today. This no-obligation phone call will help you see if Orah is right for your family.

orah app, grandfather and grand daughter

During this outbreak of COVID-19 and while many of us are under quarantine, we worry about our elderly relatives even more than usual. The Orah app is easy for a caregiver to use. Swiping and adding photos and videos can be done in seconds.

Cost of the Orah app

The Orah app costs only $1 a day. Many families can even have the cost reimbursed if they have long term care insurance. For more information check the Orah care website here. If you have any questions feel free to call 833-CARE-180. The Orah care app provides unparalleled clarity to home care. Orah’s care team is available to walk you through the setup process. This app is HIPPA compliant and all information on the app is very secure.


How do you provide quality care for your elderly relatives? 

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