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Best toys for 2020

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What toys should you buy now for Christmas 2020?

Christmas will be here before you know it. Get yourself organized and pick up a few of the best toys of 2020 before they sell out. A few weeks we attended a virtual toy conference called Sweet Suite. What is a toy conference? A toy conference is a place to meet all the most popular toy manufacturers and hear about the hottest and best toys for 2020. For the past 5 years, I have been attending this conference in New York City. Due to COVID-19, this conference went virtual this year.

Sweet Suite at Home

The name of this toy conference is Sweet Suite. Since we are all staying home our theme this year was SweetSuiteAtHome. Honestly, it was kind of fun to visit each booth with my kids. We made snacks and visited with each of the brands that attended. We learned a lot about which toys will be the best toys of 2020. After the conference ended we received a box of toys to test. I will show you photos of all the toys that we tested. I will also share with you our favorite toys from the box.

Creative Toys

creative toys and puzzles from sweet suite at home

These toys are all toys that you can use in a creative way. Puzzles make great gifts, especially when kids are stuck at home. The Crayola XL poster markers are also a fun treat. My daughter loved making a poster for a friend’s birthday with these extra-large tipped markers. Fubbles are cute little bubbles and wands all in one convenient pouch. They are about the size of an applesauce pouch. Younger kids will have so much fun with Fubbles, and so will older kids who like to blow bubbles. The Fubbles company makes lots of cute bubble related holders and blowers. A Slinky is a classic toy and reasonably priced gift. The simple concept of a Slinky never goes out of style.

Best toddler toy

blockaroo magnetic building blocks

Blockaroo wins our vote for the best toy of 2020 for toddlers. I think Blockaroos will appeal most to kids 1 through 10 years old. The coolest part of these blocks is that they are magnetic and they make a very satisfying clicking sound after the connect. These blocks are so versatile. They can even be used in the bathtub and can get cleaned in the dishwasher. If you want a fun creative toy for your kids, Blockaroo is a great option.

best games of 2020

Board Games make great gifts

We tried all four of the games pictured above. Games are great gifts for the whole family. The new Pokemon Battle Academy is a lot of fun. My boys were all huge Pokemon lovers and this game was easy to learn and engaging. This game comes with three complete decks, the Charizard, Mewtwo, and Raichu. If your kids also play the online game, it includes a code for the online game as well! My son loves the online Pokemon game.

The Upside Down Challenge game looks like so much fun. Unfortunately, the glasses do not work if you already wear glasses. One member of our family does not wear glasses and he thought the game was really fun. Keep this in mind if anyone in your family needs glasses to see. The object of the game is that each person tries to accomplish a challenge while wearing the glasses that turn everything upside down. I promise your family will laugh a lot while playing this game.

Burping Bobby is a game that kids will find hilarious and adults not as much. This game is great for younger kids because there is no reading involved. Batteries (3AAA) are required to make Bobby the hippo burp and emit steam. All you need to do is feed Bobby the right foods until he burps and spits out the food and steam comes out of his mouth. This game is silly and super easy to learn.

Our favorite game from this bunch is Pop it. Pop it is awesome for many reasons. It takes 1 minute or so to play. It is easy to learn and anyone can play. It is a very satisfying game, it is similar to popping bubble wrap. All you want to do is be the last person to pop a bubble. It is harder than it sounds. I love this game because it is great for travel, home, or on the go. It is easy to put in your pocket and bring with you. There are no pieces to lose. It is simply fun!

insta studio gift for teen girls slime or butter slime

If you have an arts and crafts or slime lovers, they will love any of the Compound Kings products. The Compound Kings make the BEST slime. This slime is really like no other slime we have made or bought. The Compound Kings slime is scented and it smells so good, not too strong and not too weak. They have cloud and fluffy slime with mix in glitters and beads. The slime is really fun and everyone in the house likes to play with it. The Insta Studio is a fun activity set that is created around making your space perfect for taking a TikTok or Instagram video. It comes with a phone holder, backdrops, and slimes and mixins. Simply place your phone in the holder and create some content. My daughter loves this Insta Studio and has created some really fun content for her social media channels.

9 best toys o

What toy do you think will be hard to find this year for Christmas?

We received a box of toys from Sweet Suite At Home. All thoughts, opinions, and photos are 100% ours. Some links on this page are affiliate links. We make a very small amount of money when you buy through an affiliate link.



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