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Paper Mario Tips

mario and olivia from paper mario the origami king game

We have been playing the new Paper Mario: The Origami King game since the first day it came out. This game is available to play on the Nintendo Switch. Paper Mario: The Origami King is rated E for everyone and is packed with strategy, puzzles, and lots of fun. Today we will share with you some Paper Mario tips to help you get started with this game.

origami joke from paper mario

There are so many cute origami jokes throughout the game. For example, crease yourself, your replies are paper-thin, and watch how the origami plot unfolds. This game will keep you smiling and laughing throughout. What could be better during this quarantine? Seeing the characters fold themselves up and be made out of paper is phenomenal. This game has inspired us to create some origami at home and it might inspire you as well. Origami paper folding is a great way to relax or take a break between your online classes. You can buy 200 sheets of origami paper for under $7 at this link.

origami flowers

If you were a fan of the original Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64 you will love this game even more. All the things we loved about the original game in the series, have been made even better in this new version. The music, the graphics, the challenges, and the gameplay are all fantastic. This game is original and unique. There are no other games just like it. You will find yourself smiling and looking forward to playing this game. And now on to the Paper Mario tips. I hope you find these helpful!

Tips for playing Paper Mario

1.You want to look for toads everywhere that you can. Toads can have coins or important items that you will need. As you get farther in the game you can purchase the Toad Bell in Toad Town. The Toad Bell lets you know when you are close to a toad who is hidden.

motion controls for paper mario

2.You probably want to shut off your motion controls in the options settings. When you shut off the motion controls you will be able to use the button controls instead for the Mario 1000 fold arms mechanic for solving many of the puzzles.

3.If Paper Mario gets lost, take a minute and talk to Olivia, by pushing the X button. Olivia gives clues and helps in the overworld and also in the battles. In a battle, press X and Olivia can give you a hint as to the best way to win the boss battle. Use Olivia for hints whenever you need one.

accessory shops in paper mario

4.When you enter a new town always visit the accessory shops. The accessory shops have boosters that help Mario save Princess Peach. Each accessory shop carries different items. Toad Town has a training center for you to practice your fighting. This can help you if you are not winning your battles.

5.It is very easy to collect coins in this game. Also, weapons for fighting in the battles are quite cheap as well. You do not need to keep a lot of weapons because they are easy to buy.

6.Always save your progress! Do not skip any save blocks, save as you go. You do not want to do an area more than once. Olivia is helpful and often reminds Mario to save as he goes along his journey.

7.Visit the museum often to check on your progress. The museum is in toad town. At the museum, you can find clues that will help you find new treasure. The museum is also the place you can see how much of the game you have finished.

8.In chapter 5 there is a very difficult mini-game called “shy guys finish last”. You have to complete this mini-game before you can progress any farther. One tip to help you beat this section is to use your phone and film it in slow motion. You can watch back the footage and you will have plenty of time to watch and then beat the mini-game. Another way to get help in the battles is to hold down the Y button. This button calls the toads for help in beating the battle.

confetti from trees in paper mario

9.If you need more confetti, hit a tree with your hammer. Always try to keep your bag full of confetti if you can.

resting on a bench in paper mario improves your health

10.Take a rest on a bench whenever you see one. Resting on a bench helps restore your health. If you are not at full health you should sit and rest anyway. You never know when a tough battle is about to occur and you want to be at full health when this happens.

I hope you enjoyed these Paper Mario tips. What is your favorite part of Paper Mario?

We received a copy of the game Paper Mario: the Origami King in order to facilitate this review. All thoughts, opinions, photos, and ideas are 100% our own.

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