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What is in your multivitamin?

If you take a multivitamin do you know exactly what is in your vitamin? I did not. I have tried many multivitamins that contained ingredients I did not need and that my body could not process. Enter Persona nutrition. This is the personalized vitamin company that makes vitamin taking a better experience.

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Take a 5-minute questionnaire and learn what vitamins you need

Your first step when you want to sign up with Persona Nutrition is to take a short questionnaire. You will be asked questions about your health and then you will find out what vitamins your body needs to help your digestion, sleep, stress levels, energy levels, immunity levels, and more. The questionnaire is only 5 minutes and will help you build a personal profile. You will answer questions about your health goals, your diet, your allergies, and your lifestyle. You will also fill in any medications that you are taking. Persona will build you a wellness profile that is unique to your needs.

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Persona personalized vitamins make it easy to find out what your body really needs

After you take the 5-minute questionnaire you will have a personal supplement plan created just for you. Each month a box will be delivered that contains your morning and evening supplement packs. They come in this cute box with your name on them and each supplement is listed on the bag. One of the things I like best about Persona personalized vitamins is that you can speak to a nutritionist 7 days a week. I spoke with two different nutritionists and they were both very knowledgeable and happy to discuss my specific health questions. They can update your personalized vitamins for the next month or look into any new allergies you might be experiencing.

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Persona comes with personalized service

If you are currently taking any medications do not worry. Persona personalized vitamins will check their database and make sure that none of the supplements they send to you will interact with your medications. There is a Medical Advisory Board that is made up of a team of doctors and leading health experts. They ensure that the personalized vitamins that you receive are exactly what you need for optimal health.

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How did Persona vitamins make me feel?

This list above is just part of the personalized vitamins I have been taking. Persona is a wellness solution to help you feel good, find more energy, and sleep better. After taking Persona vitamins for the past two months I have noticed a few things. First, my immunity was up and I did not even have a sniffle, even though the weather has turned colder. I slept much deeper and I fell asleep much quicker. I also had more energy and I did not feel that afternoon slump that I typically felt. I loved how simple it was to take the Persona vitamins. They were all clearly labeled and were easy to take in the morning and evening. The nutritionists I spoke to both were a great source of information and easily answered my questions.

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Who should take Persona vitamins?

There are 14 different programs that Persona can help with. There are specific science-backed vitamins that can help each of these groups. Check out the links and read more about the personalized programs for each of these groups:

  • Prenatal: pregnancy, nursing, or trying to conceive
  • Men’s: uniquely formulated for men of all ages
  • Women’s: uniquely formulated for women of all ages
  • Bariatric: for people who have had bariatric surgery
  • Fitness: supports muscle strength and physical performance
  • Sleep: helps to get your sleep schedule back on track
  • Energy: helps to combat low energy levels
  • Stress and Anxiety: with adaptogens, you will work with your body’s stress response systems
  • Weight Support: helps to balance blood sugar and regulate appetite
  • Immune Defense: keep your immune system strong with this blend of vitamins
  • Healthy Aging: promotes longevity and vitality
  • Digestion: these digestive supplements enhance healthy bacteria in the gut
  • Detox: supports stress response and healthy liver function
  • Joint Health: helps maintain cartilage and keep joints moving freely

vitamin B6 crystals through a microscope

This is a picture of a Vitamin B6 crystal as seen through a microscope. Persona personalized vitamins are as unique as this crystal. Your package of vitamins will be very different than your best friends. Each person has a unique set of vitamin needs and Persona will help you find out exactly what personalized vitamins will help you feel your best.

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Discount if you want to try Persona personal vitamins

What are you waiting for? I know you want to try Persona vitamins. You can save $25 on your first order if you click this link.

I received a one month supply of Persona vitamins for free from Moms Meet so that I could try them and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

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