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A good night’s sleep is one of the most important things we can do to stay healthy. Achieving a good night’s sleep is a huge problem for most people. We stay up too late watching tv, eating unhealthy foods, and using our phones. Many people cannot sleep well because they are too hot/cold, uncomfortable with aches and pains, feeling hungry or too full, or sometimes their partner snores. There are millions of factors that can contribute to a poor night’s sleep. This is why sleep aids are so important.

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My kids have trouble sleeping

Sleep is scarce in my house. My kids have an auto-immune illness called POTS. One of the biggest issues that my kids struggle with is that they can never get a good night’s sleep. One of my sons told me that over the past 10 years he has never fallen asleep easily or woken up feeling rested. We have each tried so many sleep aids and remedies and none have worked very well until now.

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Sleep aids that actually work!

I am sure you are saying to yourself that this sounds like a commercial for a product that will not work. But no, hear me out. Sleep is not something we joke about. My kids are desperate for a good night’s sleep. They hate feeling tired all day and they yearn for just one good night’s sleep. A whole month of good sleep was unheard of until now.

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Let me introduce you to XTEND5. We have been trying these products for the past three months and we have had amazing results. We will be continuing to use them and if anything changes I will update this post. Up until today, this product has had a huge impact on the sleep issues that have been prevalent in our family. The XTEND5 sleep aid is the only product that has given us a few months of quality sleep. 

What is XTEND5?

If you are ready to start a new 2021 wellness routine you might want to give the XTEND5 products a try. There are 4 products in the Copaiba family pack from XTEND5.

There is both a kids and an adult sleep formula. These sleep aids contain an ingredient you might not have heard of, copaiba. Copaiba is a rare oil-resin that is harvested from the Copaifera tree. Copaiba is native to South America’s rainforests. This natural antioxidant has been used for centuries to improve the health of your immune, respiratory, and digestive systems. XTEND5 has created blends with Copaiba oil that is mixed with other natural ingredients, including turmeric, cordyceps, frankincense, and more. 

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Sleepy Sloth sleep aid for children

Sleepy Sloth is a children’s sleep aid that according to my daughter who is 12, is the best. She tried the sleepy sloth a few months ago and she was very skeptical. She has a lot of trouble falling asleep and she also typically wakes up multiple times through the night and cannot fall back asleep. She never wakes up feeling rested. After trying the sleepy sloth drops for a few months, she is now falling asleep within 30 minutes of taking them and sleeping soundly throughout the night. She wakes up when her alarm goes off for school and she feels refreshed. When she ran out of her sleepy sloth drops she was barely sleeping a few hours a night. She has seen a huge difference in her ability to fall asleep and also in how rested she feels when she wakes up. She thinks the name is quite fitting, as she feels like a sleepy sloth on the nights that she takes these drops. This children’s sleep aid is made for kids ages 3-16. The drops are placed under the tongue and then you count to 10. My daughter takes 50 ml each night. She says it has a mild orange flavor and it is now a part of her nightly routine. I have noticed my daughter being in a better mood and feeling less stress since she started taking it. 

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Calma Llama calming aid for children

Calma llama is a children’s calming roll-on oil. My daughter keeps it on her desk and when she is feeling stressed she rolls a little bit on her wrists and behind her ears. It smells very pleasant, like lavender, and leaves my daughter feeling more relaxed. I find that she focuses more on her online classes on the days that she uses the calma llama oil. The calma llama is a blend of Copaiba, Vetiver, Lavender, Chamomile Roman, Coconut Oil (MCT) and it rolls on and blends into the skin very quickly.

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Replenish Nectar adult sleep aid

Replenish Nectar is an adult sleep aid. This formula is used similarly to the sleepy sloth for children. You simply put a few drops under your tongue, wait 10 seconds, then swallow it. The adult formula is made up of Copaiba, Frankincense, Turmeric, Potassium, and Melatonin. My husband has terrible joint pain which used to keep him up all night. He could never find a comfortable position to sleep in. Since taking the Replenish Nectar he is falling asleep quickly and sleeping through the night without pain from his inflammatory areas. The Replenish Nectar targets inflammation and helps to get to the root of your symptoms. For my husband, it has also been a real game-changer. Some nights he forgets to take it and when he tosses and turns all night he can pinpoint the exact reason why. 

Nourish Nectar adult energy formula

Nourish Nectar is the fourth blend in the Copaiba family pack. Nourish Nectar is for adults and helps you feel energized all day long. This blend is made up of Copaiba, frankincense, turmeric, cordyceps, and reishi. It has a pleasant tangerine flavor. When I take this blend in the morning I feel not only more energized, I feel less stressed, and I have more stamina to get through a long day. This blend also can help with inflammation issues, gut and microbiome problems, and supports your immunity. My sons with POTS feel a boost in energy when they take the Nourish Nectar and they feel sluggish on the days they do not take it.

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I was provided with samples from the Xtend5 line of copaiba products in order to write this review. All thoughts, opinions, and photographs are 100% my own.

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